SOLD OUT -Dirty Sterling // The Final Gig

Next Saturday, popular local band Dirty Sterling will take to the stage at The Lincoln Imp for the last time.

The band have been around for a couple of years now, they have been well known on the local band circuit with a large following of fans “The Dirty Army”.

This will be the first time Party In The Pines festival in Broughton will be without the band on their stage times.

Tickets went on sale online and sold out pretty quick, with another couple released a few days after they sold out. They were gone within a matter of hours.

The atmosphere of the gig is expected to be BIG, with a packed out venue and hardcore DS fans shouting back the words to their much loved and well known set list.

Are you a fan, what’s your favourite DS sing-a-long song?

The gig starts at 7pm and the Support bands Lost Trends & Oddity Road will be warming up the crowd. No ticket, No Entry as the venue will be at capacity once all tickets have gone.

This show is going to be special, there is a lot of excitement and fan comments surrounding the gig and some disappointed that they won’t be there.

Dirty Sterling posted:

300 tickets gone, dirty army take a bow!!

Next week we step away from the stage for the last time and you know what….
Nobody can say we didn’t fuckin av it!!

Thankyou all for believing in us  ❤

Dirty Sterling Split… Read More Here..

She’ll Get On It

DS rooftop gig

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