Review // Bring The Noise @ Cafe INDIE

Last night we attended Bring The Noise at Cafe INDIE on the High Street. I’ve been to a lot of jam nights but this was the first in a while. The difference with this jam night is it’s open to all ages and it ran in quite an organised format, welcoming open mic aswell asContinue reading “Review // Bring The Noise @ Cafe INDIE”

Violinist Charlotte Saluste-Bridoux // Scunthorpe Concert Society

Scunthorpe Concert Society’s next concert is on 14 January and features violinist, Charlotte Saluste-Bridoux with Joseph Havlat on piano. The concert will be at Outwood Academy Foxhills in Scunthorpe Why come and hear Charlotte? There are plenty of reasons to come and hear this talented artist. Here is more about her: In 2021 Charlotte completedContinue reading “Violinist Charlotte Saluste-Bridoux // Scunthorpe Concert Society”