Venue List

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Scunthorpe Nights Top Pick Music Venues

  • The Lincoln Imp – Long running independent music venue, with great sound & lighting.
  • Cafe INDIEpendent – Unique setting bringing a wide variety of different events.
  • The Baths Hall- A great platform for larger scale gigs/concerts.


Town Centre Club/Bar/Pub

The Light – Oswald Road

The Britannia (The Brit) – Doncaster Road

Schnapps Bar – Frod Road

Rift bar (Abacus) – High Street

Wicked Bar – High Street

Cafè INDIEpendent – High street

JD Wetherspoons Blue Bell Inn– Oswald Road (Awaiting expansion)

The Honest Lawyer – Oswald Road

Lola’s Cocktails Bar – Doncaster Road (Available for private hire)

Class 6 -Doncaster Road

Encore– Doncaster Road

Mary Rose- Frod road

Penny Bank (The Mint)– High street

The Tavern – High Street

Lord Roberts (Lord Bobs/Cr8): Wells Street

VOID (Showboat/Storm) – Awaiting Re launch

Mulligan’s Sports Bar (Riley’s)– Scunthorpe

Other Venues/Pubs

The Baths Hall– Doncaster Road

The Plowright Theatre

The Wortley House Hotel-Scunthorpe

The Lincoln Imp– Ashby

The Grosvenor– Scunthorpe (Available for private hire)

The Queensway-Scunthorpe

The Dolphin– Bottesford

Old Farmhouse-Scunthorpe

The Royal Hotel– Scunthorpe

The Berkeley Hotel-Scunthorpe

The Priory– Ashby

The Cocked Hat– Scunthorpe

The Beckwood– Bottesford

Harry’s Bar -Ashby

The Riveter– Scunthorpe

The Ashby Lodge– Ashby

The Crown Inn – Ashby

The Malt Shovel – Ashby

The Mallard– Scunthorpe

The Warren Lodge– Scunthorpe

The Butchers arms – Winterton

The Rugby Club– Ashby/Scunthorpe

The Beacon– Ashby

The Ingleby Arms– Amcotts

The Black Beauty

The Shires– Gainsthorpe

The Bird In The Barley– Messingham

San Pietro– Scunthorpe

The Horn Inn – Messingham

Take a Gander– Burringham

The Anchor – Bottesford

The Comet

The Sheffield Arms– Burton Upon Stather

The White Swan– Scotter

Luke’s Bar– Epworth

The Ferry Boat Inn– North Ferriby

Winteringham Fields – Winteringham

The George– Kirton

The Dog & Rat– Broughton

The Past

Venues gone/closed/demolished

Jack Dempsey’s (JD’S/Venue)- Demolished

Henry’s (Tiffany’s/Time/Love/Studio25) – Demolished

Blarney Stone (Oscars)- Closed

Club 2000 – Demolished

Garbo’s/Pepper Lounge/Bamboogy – Permanently closed down

Showboat/Storm– Set to relaunch as VOID

Zest/Parkinson Arms/Wild Coyote Bar/ Bar Babylon: Permanently closed

Sphere– Now Lola’s cocktail bar

The Ashby Star



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