Be a Sponsor of Scunthorpe Nights

Since the website started back in 2013 we have been paying the hosting and for the domain from our own pockets until last year when we gained our main web sponsor for the year.

It gets renewed every year as long as we are getting enough demand and traffic. We don’t receive any money for what we do and it is all run voluntarily. We are hitting 17-32k so we thought it was probably worth it.

Last year The Wortley Hotel kindly kept our website running by sponsoring our site for a year and we would like to offer the chance to any other venues or local businesses who would like to join sponsorship for this year.

If you are a Local Business or event promoter you can sponsor the site for a year this gives you a full dedicated page and pinned article that appears at the top of our website. The article can be updated as often as you like when you are one of the the main sponsors. If this interests you then please email or send us a message.


General Public Sponsors

If you are just a member of the public but you like what we do, then you can donate 50p, £1, £3 towards our hosting.

We have the basic wordpress so no fancy templates or add ons to pay for but the site still occurs charges.

What your donation will go towards:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name
  • Most importantly keeping the site running

We are not for profit so all proceeds raised will go towards web hosting, domain and running of The Scunthorpe Nights network.

Thank you 🙂

We would like to also like to say We are very grateful to the Wortley Hotel for being a big support and our main sponsor and thank you to those of you who clicked through to them and checked them out.


Published by Scunthorpe Nights

Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.

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