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What’s On Bank Holiday

Feel free to send in your events or comment them below on Facebook.

If you would like to request a review please contact us.

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Little Fix // As seen on TV

On the 28th December 2017, the number one Little Mix tribute “Little Fix” will be visiting The Wortley House Hotel in Scunthorpe.

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The Wortley House Hotel





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Soft play & stay every Monday. 10:15 – 1pm.
Inflatable slide, soft play, rockers, jumbo Lego, ride ons and more.
£3 admits one child and one adult. each additional child is £1
Food and drinks available from the bar.


Telephone:  01724 842223

Email: the Wortley’s friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

The Wortley House Hotel
Rowland Road
DN16 1SU
click here to view map and location >>>

Why not make a night of it? Book a hotel room at The Wortley House Hotel


Bringing on Gez and his team from the Wortley House Hotel will mean we’ll be able to offer more events,more special occasions and more food at Normanby Hall Country Park!

Scunthorpe Nights Web Sponsors

Be a sponsor of Scunthorpe Nights

Hey everyone,
Since the website started back in 2013 we have been paying the hosting and domain from our own pockets. It is now up for it’s yearly renewal.

It would be lovely if you use Scunthorpe Nights as a member of the general public to see what’s on or as a useful resource or advertise through Scunthorpe Nights if you could donate as little as 50p through PayPal towards this year’s hosting & domain costs. It would be very much appreciated to keep us online for another year.

Local Businesses or event promoter can decide to donate a little more to advertise on our front page or Business page.



(Please email details to

(Please email details to Advert will stay on Sponsored links page for 12 months. Sponsor Links page here.

I realise asking people to part with their money is a hard thing to do but all articles,sharing,posting and attendance of events are done voluntarily and in our spare time and web hosting and domain costs add up over the years.

We have the basic wordpress so no fancy templates or add ons to pay for but the site still occurs charges.

What your donation will go towards:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name

If you chose to donate you will be listed as a sponsor of the site for this year. We are not for profit so all proceeds raised will go towards web hosting & domain of the website.

Running Scunthorpe Nights does cost money as our reviewers will sometimes have to pay for shows and events, transport to get to reviews etc.

Thank you 🙂

For just £5 this could be your ad or article for 2 months on the homepage.

NEW// Escape Room Opens in Scunthorpe 

A very popular activity lately in surrounding towns and cities but now Scunthorpe has it’s own Escape Room experience on the high street. Continue reading NEW// Escape Room Opens in Scunthorpe 

Advertising Sponsor//Joint Business cards


We are looking at getting some business cards printed. Not because we are turning into a business. We still remain free and not for profit. We don’t make any monies for the work we do on Scunthorpe Nights.They will be less of a business card and more a small representation of our links and to make people aware we exist to help support local.

Initially we rely on people sharing and liking us to reach a further audience to promote locally for free but we need to get out there with some physical promotion. We would love to team up with a local printing business and offer reserve side advertising on the cards for a discount as this money to further Scunthorpe Nights comes from my personal pocket. I do enjoy it and it is my hobby but it’s nice to be lent a hand back.

Already our site stats have urged me to by so we want to keep growing.

If you or someone you know would be interested please email

Public Message// To Our Following


As the main admin and creator have decided to purchase the domain name of for 2 years. Then after that WordPress fees to redirect our site were kindly paid for by our new web sponsor (Who often does us some reviews) Casper’s Computers  for one year.

We have been receiving more and more interest and web traffic and with that we feel it was time to

By now you should know we are not for profit  and while we can it will continue to remain this way.

This is our hobby and we do not get paid in monies so please appreciate, we are personally self funding this to promote and support our local area and scenes. We enjoy what we do but occasionally we can make spelling mistakes and use incorrect grammar and punctuation. A lot of the time we are quite busy with full time and work and other side projects and obviously our own lives but when we are asked to do something politely for an event or review we will try to do it as quick as we can.

Stats Screenshot (20/09/2014)
Stats Screenshot (20/09/2014)

We try not to take ourselves to seriously and remain a friendly rather than just informative. So send us a comment once in a while and interact with us. We like to know what you think and what you want to see.

In a few more months we are nearing 2 years of Scunthorpe Nights running.

Thanks to those page liker’s, Twitter & Blog followers and everyone who has ever shared us or something by us. Also all the fantastic organisations, venues, bands and promoters who have invited us to review or attend events/shows, it’s been great and I for one have seen a great variety of talent and passion being put into the local scene for Music, Theatre, The Arts and Charity etc.

Please keep sharing our page or inviting your friends list. 

We would also like to thank our news partners The Scunthorpe Independent for being behind us and kick starting our reviewing, they are a fantastic platform of non profit news and media.

Help us out and promote with us: 

If you are a venue, promoter, band or artist CLICK HERE or email us about how we can help you with pre promo and reviews.

If you are a general member of the public CLICK HERE. Like our Facebook, share some statuses and articles now and then and keep us going. Because without your views we are a bit pointless after all. 🙂

If you have seen or aim to see something locally that you think deserves a review you can guest review, so get in touch via Facebook or Email

Kind Regards

Your Scunthorpe Nights Main Admin


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Music Review: The Sunshine Underground


If you haven’t already heard then The Sunshine Underground are headlining the biggest local adult festival of the summer Party In The Pines and also if you haven’t heard, where have you been?

Having never seen these guys perform live before I can’t comment on performance but people who have seen them live I know have been back again and again. I’m pretty sure they will have the late night Party In The Pines crowd jumping to their beat.And probably make some new fans along the way.

These guys are usually in a 3 piece but when performing live they have added band members to help produce their electronic dance tunes that’ll make your arms pump and your feet stamp and possibly a head shake.

If you were around in the 80’s you will most likely remember Depeche Mode and if you weren’t maybe your parents still play them on an evening. The Sunshine Underground are often compared to Depeche modes style. The Sunshine Underground has a distinct Eighties sound, dominated by drum machines & synths.

Technology has obviously advanced through the years of music since the 80’s but a lot of modern bands will take the synth twists and the familiar 80’s backtrack feel. I find that quite a lot of current bands revert to the 80’s for their effects and there is always something quite reminiscent about this. If you were an 80’s kid you’ll probably find a familiarisation with the synths from bobbing about in your baby grow in front of Top Of The Pops.

The newest Sunshine Underground album sounds like a mixture of 1980’s Saturday night dance floor hits and into the more technical era of the 2000’s.The songs are full and padded with different sounds.

I’ve also seen it compared to a mixture of current dance floor hits like Friendly Fires or The Rapture.

The opening to the album is more heavily rooted in dance with pulsing synth blending with a constant mid-tempo drum beat and hints of electronica with lad rock vocals powering through.It sends out positive vibes and makes you want to move.

But I won’t go into detail too much as it’s always better to hear music or experience a band live than to be told what someone else thinks.

Party In The Pines Full Line Up
Party In The Pines Q&A For Ticket Holders

#FREE Local Advertising Space- No Catch, No Cost

As you may know if you have ever seen us about on social media or on the web, we are Non profit this means we don’t make money from what we do and do it for the pure enjoyment. Helping and supporting the community is one thing we love. So if you see out homepage? There are some empty spaces ready for your logo.

We have already had some interest after last nights Facebook post but we hope to choose the most relevant adverts to us.

This means we would like LOCAL ONLY Photographers//Artists//Dance//community Classes//Theatre//Drama//Charity//Community Organisations//Promoters//Venues & Other Media related organisations.

All will be considered and if you don’t make it on this month you may make it on the next. Your logo will appear on every page of the website down the right hand side.

What we require:

  • A JPG format logo
  • The Link to your website or page

If we pick your logo it will feature for at least a month. 

Why is it free?:

As we said we are Not for profit, taking money is not something we do as we don’t need to, this is our hobby and we do it in our spare time to help people out, help people promote, let people what’s going on or create quick posters for non profit events//organisations.

We have the space & the people on our website to help promote and we would like to share.

Scunthorpe Nights has always been and still is a Not for Profit Organisation and we would like to continue as non profit for as long as we can. Obviously this means we don’t get PAID reaches on Facebook, Fancy PVC banners, printed t-shirts or a .com or We have made the best out of what we can do for free even this website is a free template on a free host. 

What we require in return for your free advertising:

We pretty much get around by word of mouth and our most popular refer is Facebook. So we ask that if your logo is chosen 2 small little favors in return which will still COST YOU NOTHING.

The Terms:

  • Invite your friends to our Facebook page by clicking the Invite on the left side whilst visiting our page.
  • Please give our page link a share on your Facebook wall with any text you find relevant to promote us.
  • Lastly if we continue to notice you sharing our status//posts//re-tweets we will be very happy and your advert is likely to stick on our site a lot longer 🙂 *Optional*

Why is it worth it?

  • Well it’s free & you don’t have to pay anything at all
  • Also for no investment into paid advertising, our reach daily is climbing.

Become a Sponsor or In Association: Our main association and main partnership is with as we believe they share similar views and ethics and are also not for profit. We have started to get interest from outside money making parties/companies for branding and their joint use of branching our name and brand. For now we will decline any relationship of this kind as we want to keep the service free, friendly and profit free.

We will however consider sponsors to appear on our advertising. This means you will appear on our advertising and we will appear on yours. This means if there are ever flyers etc you will have the option to print your advert on the reverse.

A Local printing company association would be very useful to us for promotion and recommendations to promoters, venues and general public. We already do recommendations on the quiet. Association with a local printers would mean we could wear sponsored logo t-shirts for the company with our logo alongside and put them on any other marketing.

5k reach
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How to enquire about getting your logo on our site:

Please either send us a personal Facebook message to the page here

or Email us:

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