Dirty Sterling Split //Sad News for fans

Last week the popular local band, Dirty Sterling announced their split.
They have played venues up and down the UK gathering fans and playing to packed out rooms. They have played every Party In The Pines since 2013, headlining and supporting some big names.

The back end of last year they released a new single “Home” with a sold out launch. But after 4 years on the Scunthorpe music scene have decided to call it a day. They have quite a few anthems under their belt, which I am sure won’t be forgotten in a hurry and will remain on people’s playlists. The boys are still available for streaming via Spotify.


As you will see in the statement below from the band’s facebook page there will be a farewell gig but no details other than the date have been released yet. Let’s hope it’s somewhere with a high capacity otherwise there will be some disappointment. Just putting it out there, but in my opinion the Baths Hall auditorium would be a pretty good farewell.

The announcement on Dirty Sterlings page said:

Boys and Girls of the Dirty Army..
It is with great sadness that today we announce Dirty Sterling will be no more. Over the last few months we have had a long hard look at our position and we have come to the decision that it is time to bow out gracefully after over 4 years of what can only be described as magic. A band that started out with a few lads having a bit of fun soon escalated into an eruption of dancing, singing fans from around the country and we will all be forever grateful to every single one of you. People that have spent their hard earned money to buy our music and have been at the gigs making the walls move.. from the bottom of our hearts.. thankyou.

We understand that there will be some upset people out there because of this news but you all must understand that everything at some point has to come to an end and for us that time is now. Our music however will live as long as you let it so keep us on that play list and keep singing away knowing that thanks to you we all had the time of our lives and without you the tours, the gigs and the after parties would not have happened.

We wish all the lads in the band the best of luck with their futures, whatever they may do.

This weekend we play our last away gig to a sold out crowd in Hull then we will be doing one last gig in Scunthorpe on May 13th. The details for our last show will be released in good time and we hope to see you all there for one last big  Dirty Party.

Apologies to Promoters that have us booked for future gigs and also thankyou for the gigs we’ve had with all of you, keep up the good work.
We honestly can not thank you all enough, the people that have worked with us giving up their time with no hesitation or expense, the band members…. all of them from start to finish, the radio stations that have played us and the bus drivers that have put up with our travelling fans going nuts for 4 hours down the motorway.. but most of all.. we would like to thank YOU.
So thankyou, all of you… you really have been the best fans in the world. Your passion for this band has been nothing short of amazing and will be forever held close to our hearts.
Keep us turned up
Dirty Sterling x

So we say goodbye to another local band from the Scunthorpe scene. And wish the lads all the best with whatever the future holds.


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