Review // LINCS FM 25th Birthday Bash

On Friday night the Baths Hall was the host venue for the LINCS FM 25th Birthday bash. I entered myself into the Lincs FM draw for the chance to win a pair of tickets. The station were giving away 500 free tickets to people who applied through their website.

The foyer took a while to fill up as we were there not long after doors opening at 6pm. The show was due to start at 7:30pm but it was running a bit behind so we were waiting until after 8pm. In the foyer there was a line forming for the SNAPZ Photo booth, with one free print. There was also Golden Palm holiday resort from near Skegness (the sponsors of the night) they were offering a competition to enter to win a free caravan holiday so we had a shot at that as well.

The security and rules were pretty tight on the door, which was good as this was an event for all ages. The queues for each auditorium door started to grow, winding back on themselves, as more and more audience members joined.

We did manage to get near the front as we had waited in line for a while. There was a real mix of people and age groups filling up the auditorium. The first act on stage was a guy called Jodie Abacus, honestly never heard of him before this but excellent entertainer with a great voice and really worth listening to. Although he was good, when I looked behind at the crowd we honestly seemed to be the only people moving/dancing, that we could see anyway.

JP Cooper performing Perfect Strangers

Next up was a male group called MiC LOWRY. I’d heard one of their songs before as it features a hint of Phil Collins inspiration, “Oh Lord”. Nice and energetic on stage presence.

Next up sadly I did miss 2 songs from JP Cooper as we were waiting quite a while between changeovers so we figured we had enough time to leave the crowd for a bit. Fortunately we made it back in for his final song “Perfect Strangers” which would be widely recognisable for any chart follows as he teamed up with chart sensation of the moment, Jonas Blue for the current release of the single. JP Cooper sounded just like he does on the radio, amazing voice with a beautiful tone to it and just looks pretty cool.

Image courtesy of Judith Matthews

M.O the girl band, said to be the next Little Mix, hit the stage to perform their most recent hits. Good performance from the girls as they strutted around the stage. All acts performed 3 songs each, which I did like rather than full sets. Even if it did seem like changeovers were longer than the acts at times the Lincs FM radio presenters did their best to fill when they could and even threw some big blow up balls out into the crowd to bat about, which didn’t go so well due to the air con blowing it back to the front a little too often.

Image courtesy of Judith Matthews

Final act and evening headliner was Callum Scott, in this day and age, I don’t know about you but I sometimes know a song and like it but don’t actually know who sings it but it pops up on my music streaming app playlists. Callum Scott was probably one of those songs, but also a lot of radio play with the hit he is most well-known for, “Dancing On My Own”. He was really good, very powerful vocals and genuinely talented guy. His presence on stage was very sincere and genuine and we really enjoyed his set as we did all of the other acts that performed on the evening.

It was a brilliant night of free entertainment for the lucky people that got tickets.

Were you there? Did you enjoy your night? What did you think?

For some great photos of the acts search Adam Kelly Photography on Facebook and of course

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