Steeltown Bar and The Black Door.

The Steeltown Bar & Bistro has been decorating and renovating the premises for many months before the closures and lockdown enforcements. You may have driven past and noticed a slight change to the exterior of the building next door to the Parkinson Arms situated on Mary Street. Clad in corrugated metal and heavily featuring steel in its decor from the sneak peaks they’ve released on Facebook. Not much else is known about the feel of the place, when it is likely to open and what will be on offer there.

Secondly, news of a crowdfunder page that has been set up to create a new bar called “The Black Door” on the ground floor of The Britannia. It’s last refurbishment served it well for a number of years until it saw a huge decline in town revellers and empty dancefloors, the space just got too big to fill. At one time you would have been lucky if you and your friends could manage to squeeze into a small space on the top floor and scramble your way to the bottle bar. It wasn’t my favourite, I was always more of a Henry’s fan but there’s absolutely no chance of that being resurrected from the ground so I’ll let that go.

So The Black Door, why? well I guess it sounds quite upmarket and exclusive and it states the obvious, as The Brit has lovely old style black wooden door.

As I hear there is office space above, I suppose it may be aimed more at the higher end for drink prices and for the professional crowd but…. I’m just guessing. The thing I do like the idea of is independent beers and spirits. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the likes of Fruit in Hull before it shutdown but it served a mountain of random ales you’d never heard of. But is Scunthorpe ready to spread their wings and diversify from their name brand alcohol?….perhaps!

The dream for “The Black Door”…..

We want to bring the big city feel for drinks and atmosphere into the centre of Scunthorpe’s current hospitality sector. We are launching our own spirits range which we will use in the bar and we will also sell these online to the general public. We will not sell any commercial draught beers or stock any brands associated with large corporate brand owners. Our focus will be on smaller companies who create absolutely amazing products which you may well have not heard about but are doing really incredible things.

Our cellar will be installed by a professional cellar service team and will not be linked to any brewery, we will own our own equipment out right so we can sell what we like when we like. No ties!

Sources: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/opentheblackdoor#star

Who Are they?

We already have a team of staff ready for the opening who are truly incredible and ready to serve you with 20 bespoke cocktails developed specifically for our venue by Nick Whitby. He was the Head of Bars for The Botanist and led their drinks development for many years. He will be training the team on how to create and serve these to our guests and then keeping on top of all of our training and development for the foreseeable future. 

Why They Need Your Help

This is no easy task to complete as what we are aiming to do with this place is extremely ambitious. As well as council grants, government loan schemes and personal cash, we still need to some additional funds so that we can truly do this historic building justice. We will also be able to invest further in the training of staff, get all of the products we aim to release in place and also to give everyone who participates in this the opportunity to be involved in something that could change this towns nightlife. 

I’m taking on the majority of the work myself and stripping the venue to its bones and then starting again. I’ve worked in the drinks industry for over 10 years and I’ve worked with some incredible people. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and I’ve also seen the decisions people make when things go well and not so well. I want to bring a touch of each of these bars to this venue. 

Sources: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/opentheblackdoor#star


It sounds pretty exciting but they will need support via the crowd funding to get it done. There are perks to donating so take a look. The Black Door merch and spirits are looking pretty slick too.

I personally welcome any positive change to the town centre nightlife and I do still try to support it by going out for a drink now and then. I think it will be really important, more now than ever to support your local pubs and music venues when they reopen.

I know you are probably chomping to get on a big city pub crawl but ease yourself in and start local, support local.

The town centre and Scunthorpe Nightlife has changed dramatically over the years but you can still have a good night believe it or not.

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