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THE DEBATE//Scunthorpe Nightlife


Social media statuses and comments we have mentioned before. More opinions and debating is ongoing about the topic surrounding Scunthorpe Town Centre night life and live music.

Now clearly there isn’t a shortage of events and different type of events keep popping up trying to catch it’s audience but why is this still sometimes failing to bring people out of their houses.

Now we encourage your views bad or good to join the debate on why you think Scunthorpe town centre night life has gone from barely being able to move or get a drink to waving at the one person at the other side of the empty room.

There are some brilliant nights and events on in town but what is it that brings you our or keeps you in. Where did all the people go?

What would you like to see more of and what would draw a crowd?

If you are into the indie band & acoustic scene locally you may have noticed less gigs from local bands. Why? Well over play in a small town can become a problem, Lack of crowd attendance and support, Out of town gigs and touring, album/track recording in studios. These are just a few of the possible reasons.

Promoters, venues and acts have been putting efforts into encouraging people to give the town centre another go and not to give up. But without the public support and attendance new nights being introduced cannot succeed.

So ….Facebook comment us under the article…tweet us…comment below this article on our site. Whichever way we want to know your views, opinions and suggestions.


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Over-sized Piggy Visits The Foundry Today


Peppa Pig, the lovable but slightly bossy little piggy from the television series of the same name is visiting the Foundry Shopping Centre Today (Friday 29th August).

Peppa Pig will be available for a meet and greet of little fans. She will be making appearances at various intervals between 10.30am to 3.30pm.

So don’t miss out on the photo opportunity and deprive your little Peppa lovers of the chance to cry at the sight of an oversized pig in an orange dress or the delight on their little faces as they stand next to Peppa for a picture.wpid-20140829_103054.jpg

Peppa Pig is one of the most popular children’s TV characters of today for most pre school children and they just seem to love it. Aren’t the Peppa pig toys just so difficult to stand up with their tiny little stick arms and legs. Also i’d like to disagree Daddy Pig is not an expert at everything. (Yes I am subjected to numerous hours of re runs and cheerful bingly bongly boo songs.)

The little pig has a line forming throughout the foundry.

  • Peppa Pig is scheduled to make five appearances throughout the day: