Exciting news for Scunthorpe Town centre as Peaky Blinders bar on Scunthorpe High Street team up with Temptation burger bar offering a POP UP kitchen experience for their customers.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s great to see new things popping up in the area and I’m grateful that local businesses are willing to try new and interesting ideas to adapt to the ever changing climate of our town centre. Eating out with friends or family is probably just as popular as going for a night out at the pub for a couple of beers.

POP UP kitchens are very “city”. What do I mean by that? It’s usually a trendy and almost urban style of dining where a bar or venue partner with a popular independent kitchen team/restaurant. Street food kitchens are a very popular option at the moment for diners and you’ll rarely see a plate in sight, it’s more boxed and simple. I for one love the indie dining options available in cities and can’t wait for a little taste of that in my hometown.

Currently Temptation have one restaurant located inside St Stephens shopping centre in Hull. Their first branch opened just before lockdown began and it received a huge response throughout that period with takeaway orders booming. But soon you won’t have to travel over the bridge or even out of town to experience a top notch gourmet burger with your cocktail or craft larger.

© Temptation Burger

If you’re scratching your head and trying to think where Peaky Blinder bar is, it was formerly known as popular nightspot Encore but a lot has changed since then! It’s been fully transformed and holds a totally different feel and atmosphere. It’s very modern, fresh and a little industrial in it’s decor.

Ground floor of Peaky Blinder Bar
Upper level of Peaky Blinder Bar

So more about the Food, because we all love food! The Temptation kitchen will operate inside the premises of Peaky Blinder Bar seven days a week between 12pm-9:30pm.

The menu will feature some of the favourites from their Hull menu, such as The Royale with Cheese. The kitchen will also be offering a delivery service via Just Eat & Uber Eats.

The Just Eat menu promises two double-stacked 100 per cent British beef patties in every burger, along with favourites like Mac and Cheese, fry-up breakfasts, milkshakes and sweet treats.

I asked Jack, the owner of Temptation a couple of questions:

Why Scunthorpe? What made you decide to try this partnership in a venue here?

“For us we felt that we could bring something new to Scunthorpe. A strong vibrant independent brand. We can offer the people of Scunthorpe something new. Damn fine tasting burgers!

The relaxed & inviting atmosphere of the Peaky Blinder is the perfect environment for people to enjoy.”

How will the ordering/dining system work?

We will be offering a full table service. Orders will be taken at the table, and food brought out by the waiting staff. Dining on both floors.

The POP UP kitchen aims to launch mid-august but a set date is yet to be confirmed.

So get out and support local, give it a try and let us know what you think. The focus will be on dine-in rather than takeaway food.

It’s not a plain cheeseburger! When you pick it up you’re going to feel it in your hands, you’re going to need to wipe your face, and you’re going to think f@&k me, where’s this been all my life!

Tag line of Temptations www.temptationbars.co.uk

Browsing some reviews on Temptation Facebook it looks promising and I can’t wait to try it.

What some of the Temptation customers said:

“Me and my partner just had two burgers from here and hands down thee best burgers of our lives, would highly recommend to anyone who fancy’s a proper burger! Hopefully the expand there franchise! Hopefully one in Grimsby!”

“Unbelievable food! Simple but tasty. done really really well. A county mile better than McDonald’s and kfc. dare I say it.. best burger I’ve ever had 🤤 I’ll be a regular from now on

Oh my word! WOW! this place is incredible! probably one of the best burgers I have ever had and my partner agreed. Both of us have been to America and can hands down say this is on a par with the best! We were both gutted to be finished but definitely felt full! 😁 Brilliant service as well, we will definitely be ordering again.

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