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Food Review// Wings International #Hull

Warning: Honesty
It was Wednesday night and we travelled over the Humber Bridge to Wings in Hull. We weren’t expecting it to be very busy on a Wednesday but there was quite a few people in, with that we expected the food turnover to be quite good. Continue reading Food Review// Wings International #Hull

Food Review // Wingfield Farm

Please note: We will cover venues outside of Scunthorpe if it is in close proximity to Scunthorpe. This newly built pub is just over the Humber Bridge. So whether you’re passing through Hessle or visiting Hull for a City of Culture event and fancy a carvery, any day of the week. Here’s an option.

We tried out the newly built chain pub (Farmhouse inns) Wingfield Farm just off the roundabout as you exit the Humber Bridge into Hessle.
They offer a carvery every day of the week for around a fiver, but on a Sunday it increases to around £8. Continue reading Food Review // Wingfield Farm

Food Review // Jaaz Pavilion Messingham (Indian)

Monday Night for the first time my family and I tried Jaaz Pavillion Indian restaurant in Messingham for my birthday.

I’m sorry the review won’t contain any photos of actual food as I actually forgot to take any as I was too busy eating it and wasn’t intending on reviewing. But it all looked great.

I had seen online the rave reviews about this place and the photos of it looked inviting, also the main selling point for us was the Sunday to Thursday offer £11.95.

The staff were all very welcoming and polite and one in particular had a pretty good sense of humour, which made the experience that bit more enjoyable. The venue itself was interesting, with it’s colour changing light ceiling feature and obscure light shades. 

We ordered our starters and mains together and a round of poppadoms and dips for the table (not included in the deal). The initial deal was a little confusing as some rules on the menu state you share one rice and one naan between two, which didn’t seem that fair considering your spending £12. The portions were just about enough if you weren’t starving.

In the offer you can each order a starter from the selection, we all chose different things as there were 7 of us. All starters were nicely presented and very tasty. The Chicken Chat was an option we hadn’t heard of before but the waiter was more than happy to explain anything to us. I think this starter did come out looking the most impressive and the largest portion. It looked like it was a chapatti bubbled up (fried looking but soft) folded over with a tasty filling. I got lamb tikka, which was made up of some succulent pieces of lamb tikka with a side salad.

For our mains we got a selection of different rice, the mushroom & the garlic rice were both very nice but were in very small dishes and we chose a variety of naan breads to share also. All the curries had their own individual flavour, sometimes you find you can go to a restaurant and all the curries taste quite similar (i.e tomato based). My Lamb Rogan had nice big pieces of meat that were soft and melted in the mouth and the coriander hit was just enough.

Everyone’s curry’s looked delicious and no one had any complaints. After we finished our mains we were brought a nice little cherry and chocolate gateau as it was my birthday, the restaurant provided this and presented it with a candle. This was a nice touch.

To finish off the night most people had a coffee and we all went home very full and pleased with what we had just paid for. The overall cost for 7 people was very good value for money and we will definitely be visiting again. It maybe isn’t the best value deal compared to some of the other indians with special menus as it didn’t included as much but it was more quality than quantity.

Food Review // The Honest Lawyer ★★★★

Tonight we visited a hidden gem not so far from Scunthorpe town centre. We had never been to the venue before tonight and upon arrival felt warmly welcomed both by staff and regulars downstairs in the small and cozy bar area. Continue reading Food Review // The Honest Lawyer ★★★★

Food Vote // Poll Closed

Since January 18th we have been running a poll to allow you to vote for your favourite. The vote has now closed for you to vote for your favourite local eatery and we can announce that the TOP 3 are: Continue reading Food Vote // Poll Closed

Food Review // Route 15 American Diner ★★★

Saturday tea time we were in town so decided to try out Route 15 American Diner on Ravendale street. It’s one of those places I’ve passed on occasion but never thought to go in.

It’s a small place with a cozy and warm atmosphere. There was a large party of people booked into one booth and a family in the last and we all ordered around the same time. To say that there was only two kitchen staff the waiting time wasn’t long at all.

Our order was taken from our table and we chose the Route 15 Sloppy Joe Deluxe (a burger topped with chillI con carne and cheese and the Route 15 deluxe which contained bacon, salad, cheese and a burger all served in a brioche style bun.

For the price this place is very reasonable with the average burger meal costing around £7 and special board burgers at £9. There is also a range of hot dogs, waffles, pancakes, milkshakes and smoothies.

I won’t say the actual beef burger itself was the nicest I have tasted but it didn’t appear to be out of a packet and it’s just personal preference to how you like a burger to taste. The actual burger meal as a whole was quite nice topped with a homemade crispy onion ring on top. The fries came in a little metal bucket and you got quite a lot. They were pretty tasty with bit of potato skin left on.I would have prefered some homemade coleslaw as it did just taste like the supermarket own brand. I did like the presentation of the food on the wooden boards.

I liked the decor and atmosphere of the place and the staff were friendly enough. It is quite a good place to pop in for a meal whilst shopping in town or a meal out with friends.

We didn’t manage a pudding or a milkshake but I aim to go back soon and try one out. We did however order freshly made smoothies to go before we left.

We would definitely return again. It’s a nice little hidden gem in the town centre.

Our Rating (Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★

Hygiene:  ★★

Price & value for money: ★

Overall Dining experience:  ★★

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