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CLOTHES SWAP on SUNDAY 26TH JANUARY at BROUGHTON VILLAGE HALL – Clothing Exchange – Women Men & Children.

This is a great way to prevent waste, recycle and save yourself some money and update your wardrobe while you’re at it.


Press Release// from Cafe INDIEpendent

Press Release from Cafe INDIEpendent:

As you may have seen from the notices displayed or the advert in the local media, we have applied for a Premises Licence, which will enable us to sell beer, cider or a nice glass of wine for you to enjoy with your sandwich or with nibbles after work or as part of one of our events.

However on occasions we want to offer a later evening event because, for instance, we’ve got an amazing northern soul/funk DJ on, or to showcase a local up and coming young (or not so young) band. This is because Cafe INDIEpendent is in part about enhancing the cultural and artistic offer for Scunthorpe. We’re proud to do things differently and of the events we’ve put on so far and all the ones we have planned for the future. Above all we work very hard to ensure that the events we put on are safe, do not encourage reckless or bad behaviour and contribute positively to the town.

Overall we want our venue to be very different from the pubs and clubs and not in competition. A place where people come because it feels welcoming, safe and different to anything else available. Like Cheers.

However, we need to advise our customers that to date we do not have a license as an objection has been made to our application and that this must go to a hearing scheduled for the 26th November. This may affect some of our immediately planned events.

We cannot and will not be selling alcohol, unless we have a Temporary Event Notice and the time frame did not allow for this for last weekend and this one.

The past few events have operated on Bring Your Own Bottle meaning that you can purchase alcohol at your convenience and bring it into the cafe to be enjoyed for a small corkage fee. The corkage fees are 50p per bottle or can of beer, £2 for a bottle of wine. Unfortunately spirits cannot be brought in. If you wish to take advantage of this, please present your alcohol to staff on arrival at the cafe. We will keep it chilled for you and charge you at the point of opening. What you don’t drink will be returned to you! Of course soft drinks, tea, hot chocolate and coffee are always readily available at the cafe. Byob will only apply when we advertise events as such.

So, basically you can still have a drink and attend our events, and in actual fact, it’s going to work out cheaper for you too! At Cafe INDIEpendent we look on the bright side, so that’s it – more pennies in your pocket and still quality events. And coming soon, fingers crossed – a fully functioning bar for events.

However selling alcohol will never be our primary purpose and we never forget what we are really about; which is our young people and our volunteers. Because they’re amazing. So many stories about so many young people who are getting better every day. Growing, like we all should be. Keeping them safe and developing them is our priority. Selling alcohol, coffees and delicious food is just a means to keep this going!!

WANTED// For The People, By The People

1Do you fancy doing us a guest review or taking some phone snaps while you are out and about at events, shows and gigs?

Obviously we cannot make every event so we need you to help us review.There is plenty going on and we just can’t make them all.

If you are already thinking of attending or you are performing at any local events, gigs or shows and would be willing to write a short or long review, it’s up to you how much you write.

Take some phone photos to go with your article via your mobile phone or compact camera. You will then have your name credited at the bottom of the article and be sent the stats in which your article reaches if you wish.

People wanting to write more often, think of this as a trial before we can add you to the website as a writer.

It’s all for fun and your opinion on the things going on. There is no pressure and no tight deadlines. But obviously don’t leave it too long after the event otherwise you may forget it.

This weekend the list of events we are suggesting for review if you are already attending: (Optional you may pick your own choice to review)

Friday, October 3


 Northern Soul and Motown night

 Gig – Ashby Cons Club

Saturday, October 4

 Northern Soul and Motown night
 COMPLETE CONTROL play The Clash @ Ashby Star

 Scunthorpe Amateur Speedway, Flat Track and Pit Bike Meeting

 Lou Lou’s Scunthorpe Vintage Fair

 The Scunthorpe Vintage Fair

 Black Moth + LIMB + Hollow @ The Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe

 Vaudeville Variety Show- Plowright Theatre

 Boogie Nights – October

Sunday, October 5


 Sunday Club Reunion festival

So who better to write the review than the people for the people? Get involved. Even sending in photos helps us out a lot.

You can contact us many ways here is just one:
(If you submit your name, email & event you are attending we will get back to you.)

Alternately comment below, tweet us @ScunthorpeNight or find us on Facebook.

 All credits go to the originator of the photos/article



Police are appealing for help in locating a 14 year-old boy who has been reported missing.

Bradley Wells, who is originally from Barton, was living in Scunthorpe at the time his went missing.  He was last seen in Scunthorpe at 1300hrs on Thursday 11 September 2014.  He is described as white; around 5ft 8ins tall, clean shaven with short, curly mousy coloured hair.

Bradley was last seen wearing a grey Adidas track suit with matching zip-up hoody. Bradley is believed to be in theGrimsby area and police are urging him to contact them.


Any members of the public who may know his whereabouts are asked to call Humberside Police on 101 quoting log 682 11/09/2014.



Humberside Police are appealing for members of the public to be aware that a man has been reported to have been exposing himself to walkers in Central Park in Scunthorpe.

Police have received a number of calls recently, the latest one was on Saturday 13 September 2014 at 1950hrs.

The suspect is described as wearing a burgundy t-shirt, a beanie hat, black wellington boots and beige coloured underpants.  He was not wearing trousers.

Investigating officers have asked for anyone who sees anyone acting suspiciously in the park to contact them immediately on 999.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident on Saturday or any previous incident to contact them on the non emergency telephone number 101, quoting log number 668 of 13 September.


Get Priority Free Promotion & Review With #Scunthorpe #SupportLocal

images How To Get Priority Free Promotion & Reviews #Scunthorpe #SupportLocal Scunthorpe Nights offer Free promotion and advertising including event/band/gig/theatre reviews. We try to include every event we find online.

Screenshot of our page stats (21/09/2014)

Our service is free but why? Because we support local and we believe promoting and helping out is more worthwhile than trying to make money. We do it as a hobby along side full time jobs and we enjoy it.

How can I get my event posts priority? We can pin/highlight your event on our Facebook page and give it featured Pre promotion beforehand on our media websites

How do I get my band/event/show reviewed & why bother? If we are asked to review it’s more likely we wont forget to keep sharing and promoting your event. Just drop us a message and we will see if one of our team is free to attend.All we ask is that in return for the free Pre promotion & review you help us out by either adding Scunthorpe Nights to your guest list or adding your friends to like our page. Guest list means our reviewer won’t be charged to get in as in most cases we will be attending just for the review. We have expanded our team so we can cover more and as a thank you to them for giving up free time to promote for you. It’s a little give and take. Even if it is a one off event a review can be useful for those who couldn’t attend or want to attend something similar you do in future. We usually take along our camera and capture a few photos and video clips for our YouTube and to add some interest to the article.

OUR FACEBOOK stats weekly example: stats



Tickets/Giveaways: Ticket and giveaway competitions usually get a pretty good reach for in demand events. We can give away tickets/goodies depending on your event/company. This pushes your reach promoting your brand/event and in return lets us give our loyal followers something back for all the shares,likes, tags & comments they do. Alternatively you can become (In association with) Sometimes we will team up with local events adding our logo and pushing their promotion further and helping out in other ways which include graphic design/act assignment/logos & a string of pre promotion. (Please contact us via for further info about this option. On request to events we are reviewing we can also add our Facebook friends we think would be interested in your event. How many followers and subscribers do Scunthorpe Nights have? We will sometimes post our stats to show you how far we reach, it can vary with the new Facebook as they are pushing people/organisations to pay to push promotion.This is just not something we can do as we offer our services free so your liking and sharing is what keeps us going.We have just hit over 1,500 unpaid likes on Facebook and hitting a weekly unpaid reach in the 1000’s week on week. Our own website along with our news partners subscribed email followers increases weekly into the 100’s and our loyal twitter followers keep #FF for us. How long have we been around now? It’s almost been 2 years now and it all started with one twitter account and doing a few free posters. facebook like button Help us out and invite your friends to like us, also add us to your followed interests on Facebook. image

Please note: Scunthorpe Nights do not work in money, all we ask is we give and you give a little back in means of promotion/giveaways/guest list reviews/shares etc

Party In The Pines August 2014 Lineup

 Get £5 OFF Ticket Price (See Article)


Back On Saturday 9th of August with their fourth music festival.

Party in the Pines located in a large clearing within private woodland near Scunthorpe

All tickets include camping, parking and bring your own drinks policy. No hidden costs. There will also be an onsite licensed bar with cheap prices.

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