CLOTHES SWAP on SUNDAY 26TH JANUARY at BROUGHTON VILLAGE HALL – Clothing Exchange – Women Men & Children.

This is a great way to prevent waste, recycle and save yourself some money and update your wardrobe while you’re at it.

♻️ To swap in/out you will need a membership number, so if you register before the day it will make the process quicker and also give the event organizer an idea of numbers… you can register at this link – ♻️

42 members have registered for the swap so far.

FAQ / further information:

♻️ When do I swap in my clothes? : The way the day works is you bring your clothes between 9.30am and 11am to Broughton Village Hall. This will give me (and any of the volunteers) time to sort these as much as we can. You can then attend between 11.30am and 1.30pm to browse, try on and choose to take clothing items home with you.

♻️ Can you swap items other than clothes? : This swap is purely for clothes so no accessories, handbags, shoes, toys etc… However, the one in (hopefully, February) will be for more items other than clothes so keep these…

♻️ Do you have to swap for the same item of clothing? : No, not at all. Your swap value is purely a number. So providing all the clothes are good quality, no matter the age, gender, size etc, you can swap out the same number of clothes regardless of what they are.

♻️ What happens if I swap in 10 items of clothing but don’t find 10 items to take home the same day? : Do not fret, your clothing balance will stay linked to your membership, so it will always be carried over to future events… Even if you bring 10 items and choose to take none home, your balance will remain at 10 items.

Any other questions join the Facebook event and ask the organizer.



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