BAR & VENUE NEWS // 2020

New “Black Door” Bar opening pushed back

The Black Door was set to open very soon in the lower level of the former “Britannia Nightclub”. A date has not yet been confirmed but the delay is said to be down to materials not arriving. Black Door is aiming for a city feel, with food and cocktails. They even have their own gin. Looking forward to seeing the place.

Read More Here Visit their Facebook

RETRO Bar Reopening

Friday 28th August for Bank Holiday weekend. Due to the obvious, Retro had to shut its doors. Sadly due to the rules, no indoor dancing is allowed at any venue but you can still soak in the urban and interesting decor and neon lights while sipping a decent cocktail.

I do personally love Retro bar and I can’t congratulate the team enough for how they’ve turned the venue around and completely transformed the atmosphere and feel of the place. Visit their Facebook Here

New “KoKo Leaf” Bar in Epworth

The new and modern restaurant & cocktail lounge is looking good on 27 Queen street in Epworth. The venue only just opened last week, with some tasty food and cocktails on the menu. Booking is advised. See more via their Facebook page.

Peaky Blinder Bar partner with Hull Gourmet Burger Kitchen

You can read the full article here

The Penny Bank Undergoing Renovation

The small town centre venue has decided to stay closed a little longer, with no set date for reopening. But it could be mid-sept. The owners of the venue “Portcullis Pub Co” have been working on improving the venue look & menu and the team look forward to reopening the improved Penny Bank very soon.

Photo by Prem Pal Singh on

The Beckwood

Hand in Notice

Facebook Quote said:

“It is with mixed emotions that we find ourselves writing this post.
We took The Beckwood just close to 4 years ago, we took over with optimism and a passion to succeed. The place was extremely run down due to lack of care and attention. We eventually built this business up and put it on the map, a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears went into this, but everything has a down side and because of us putting the business first, we missed out on many things especially family time. The Beckwood developed a name for being family friendly, excellent food, good old fashioned cooking from scratch. As with any business it had issues of staff coming and going, personal and health issues and finally Covid 19 hit us, something that has taken its toll on every business, this lead us to evaluate and to take stock of our options, personal reasons and hard decisions. Upon many weeks of this, we decided to hand in our notice and take some long earned quality time out as a family. No decision is ever easy to make when you have a thriving business but we thank each and everyone of our loyal customers whom have been behind us from day one, you have become personal friends. The Beckwood Team, family & Sam and Martin”

Ending their message with gratitude and thanks to all the customers and that you may see them again in the future as they have ideas in the pipeline. I must say the Beckwood food has never disappointed me and I will be sad to see that go.


  • Lola’s Cocktail Bar
  • Mary Rose
  • Class Six

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