Review // Scunthorpe Comic Con 4

Scunthorpe Comic Con 4 was held on Sunday 17th June 2018 at The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe.

North Lincs TV Film and Comic Con hosted their 4th annual Comic Con at the Baths Hall with the event featuring celebrity guests, replica props and sets, cosplay groups, robots, video games and a whole assortment of stalls selling all types of memorabilia.

Guests for the con were Star Wars actor Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar) and The Dark Knight Rises actor Martin Ballantyne (Joker’s Henchman).

The main hall was full of stalls to browse, which featured everything from toys and collectable, to clothing and artwork, as well as the popular Funko Pop Vinyl figures.

The stage area featured replica Star Wars related sets you could have your photo with including the Hoth Wampa, a selection of droids and an E-Web Cannon. There were also a few droids moving around the convention floor for people to take photos with as well as the charity fundraising group, the Sentinel Squad, in their Star Wars costumes.



There were cosplay contests for both children and adults, which proved popular as always.

You could play a selection of video games, which included VR, as well as several consoles playing a variety of multiplayer games suitable for gamers of all ages.

There was also a few youtubers attending the con, including the Fractured Moon Network who were filming for their channel, as well as Michael Lunatic Videos who was just enjoying the Comic con with his family.


Overall the con went well and was a good event, however there were a few small problems that could have been prevented, which would have made the event more enjoyable for others.

Due to what happened at the Manchester Arena in May 2017, venue security checks and rules have gotten stricter, so people knew there would be rules put in place for the con. However, these rules were not communicated well to the public, which lead to people not attending or being turned away and a lot of trouble with bags.

I know of at least a dozen cosplayers who did not travel to the venue as they were not sure if their cosplay weapon props would be allowed in or not. These rules were set by the venue management, which is part of the same group of venues as the Manchester Arena so I can understand why they have the rules, but there really needs to be better communication or it will damage the local con scene for everyone.

There have also been cons at the venue in the past that allowed you to bring your own food and drink, but yet again this was not communicated.

As someone who regularly attends a lot of local cons, as well as recently attending the huge Yorkshire Cosplay Con at the Sheffield FlyDSA Arena a few weeks ago, this was not the best I have experienced.

I’d like to finish by saying I enjoy attending events at the Baths Hall, as a customer, reviewer and photographer and they are usually a very smoothly run operation but on this occasion I feel it appropriate to be honest in my review and mention the down point of the day.

I hope they fix this before the next con.

Scunthorpe Comic Con 5 comes to the Baths Hall on Sunday June 16th 2019.

More information on this and North Lincs TV and Film Comic Con can be found at

Review & Images By Steven Potter

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