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Levellers are coming to The Baths Hall next year!

Levellers are back on tour at The Baths Hall on 19 November 2020

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Scunthorpe Christmas Light Switch On

Saturday 30th November

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The Happy Mondays // This November

The Happy Mondays perform at The Baths Hall this November!

Legendary indie band Happy Mondays are coming to Scunthorpe this month on 16 November with support from Jon Dasilva!

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Most Improved Venue 2019 Finalists


Voting will close this Friday 1st November.

The vote has been running for a couple of months now. We opened up nominations allowing the public to add venues to the vote that they thought deserved most improved venue 2019.

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Review // “A Drop In Time” Exhibition

An exhibition by Bob Riach and Jo Bird at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre.

A Drop in Time is a series of mesmerising photographs detailing the moments surrounding the impact of water droplets with the use of dyes & lighting techniques.

In the images the photographers have captured detail of the micro world around us that moves too fast for our eyes to comprehend, and it’s a joy to behold. To see the minute ballet of physics there in front of you. Otherworldly and alien, the forms captured flip between the grotesque and the beautiful.

If you squint, it could be the chaotic beauty of distant galaxies colliding, or some will see a ballerina caught in violent liquid, others will see a creature rising from the calm murk of a swamp. More often than not you’ll see a smooth mushroom cloud rising from a dark ocean.

The imagination really flows upon viewing. Speaking to the photographers, they revealed the labour of love it cost to produce
the pictures. They worked long into the night, testing different methods in order to perfect the science of the perfect shot. Out of hundreds of photos it took over five sessions. They narrowed it down to fifteen brilliant colourful images.

Bob Riach and Jo Bird’s showcase of bold prints are all available to purchase from the gallery at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre for a limited time only.

The exhibition is open now until the 2nd of November at The 20:21 Visual Art Centre in Church Square, Scunthorpe.

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Bonfire & Firework Events // 2019

Remember, remember the 5th of November….it’s that time of year again. Some people love it, some people hate it. But here are the dates for local displays.

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Art & Photography // New Exhibition “A Drop In Time”

Jo Bird and Bob Riach’s stunning photographic series A Drop In Time uses high-speed photography to freeze exploding drops of water into stunning colourful large-scale images. The images are unique and by the use of dyes and lighting, transform the tiny subject matter into extraordinary landscapes reminiscent of aliens, mushrooms and sea-creatures.

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