Humber Street Sesh Festival is Back!

HUMBER STREET SESH 2022 IS HERE 🎉 We’re going back to our roots and bringing the party to our spiritual home on Hull Marina! 📅 Saturday 13 August 2022🎟 EARLY BIRD TICKETS ON SALE NOW The festival will take place on the east side of the Marina, with a free fringe area encompassing Humber StreetContinue reading “Humber Street Sesh Festival is Back!”

New Dog Friendly Café // Messingham

Opening Saturday 7th May to the public, a brand new Dog friendly cafe in Messingham. “Sit Dog Café” pride themselves on being family friendly and will be offering a dog menu, a kids menu, adults menu and full drinks menu. You don’t need a dog to visit the café and you don’t need to borrowContinue reading “New Dog Friendly Café // Messingham”

£3 Offer // 2 Hour Gaming Session @ Belong Arena Scunthorpe

From £3 for a two hour gaming session for one person at Belong Gaming Arena in Scunthorpe, from £6 for a two person four hour gaming session, from £12 for a four person eight hour session, from £50 for a six person party two hour session, or from £100 for a 12 person party twoContinue reading “£3 Offer // 2 Hour Gaming Session @ Belong Arena Scunthorpe”

Review // Sunflower Park, Laughton

We were left looking for something to do on Saturday afternoon and it seemed the perfect opportunity to check out Sunflower Park, although the weather was a little unpredictable we got our winter coats on and headed out. We pulled up into a visitor bay and as you enter you can see tents and caravansContinue reading “Review // Sunflower Park, Laughton”

Review // What we thought of the Kid’s party that only cost £1!

We attended the Oscar’s Kid’s party this Sunday 3rd April. It’s only £1 per child and it turned out pretty good value for money. It makes a decent venue for a kid’s party, parents and adults can pretty much have full view of their youngsters the whole time with the advantage of the low levelContinue reading “Review // What we thought of the Kid’s party that only cost £1!”