Saturday night, we attended the launch of SCUZZ presents FACE DOWN. A rock night that originates from London but is held at different venues across the UK.

I didn’t go along as a reviewer but as a supporter & reveller of a night like this but I thought it was worth writing about. It was great to see a good mix of people and even early on the venue was filling up. I think it helps that the event didn’t open until 9pm, as when gigs start too early a lot of people aren’t ready to come out and support acts get less of a crowd. There were fireball shots from some very friendly promoters upon entry for the first 100 people and a tattoo transfer, which I have failed to scrub off so far.

What I really enjoyed about the night was the atmosphere and enthusiasm of everyone there. Common at gigs in Scunthorpe, people tend to stand or dance to the bands and then the rest of the time while music is playing they disappear off throughout but not this night!
The DJ held the crowd on the dancefloor with classic punk/rock hits, with mosh circles to Slipknot and people bouncing to recognisable tunes from their youth.

The support band for the night were Scunthorpe’s own Dyin Flies. I’d never seen them live before but they had some great energy on stage and they got the crowd moving and jumping. The guys played some skate punk style music from their back catalogue of tracks and added some banter in between with some excellent guitar work throughout.


The headline for the evening was Green Haze, a top UK Greenday tribute act. Who even go as far as putting on an american accent on stage for you. The crowd went wild for the Greenday hits and the basement was a hive of activity. It’s rather dark down there but you could just make out the sea of arms and heads. The crowd sang all the way through the set and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

It was a good night with plenty of faces, old and new from the alternative scene.


I’d love to see this night return again soon as Scunthorpe is missing this sort of thing. We have gigs, tribute bands and bars but nothing quite like this night. It fills a gap in the market for those looking for this sort of alternative disco and gig experience rolled into one. I am probably a little biased as the early 2000’s are the years I grew up with the likes of Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Fall out boy, Slipknot, Linkin Park etc so it was my cup of tea. I think though, it’s a night to be enjoyed by everyone even if your not usually a rocker, punk or emo then you can be one for the night.

Anyway great job from Cafe INDIE, The FACE DOWN team and everyone that attended.

Apologies for the poor quality phone photos, we didn’t have any of our photographers in attendance.


If you missed Green Haze, you can catch them at the Lincoln Imp on March 31st for £12.


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