Q&A // Chris Metcalf of ‘Dyin Flies’

So for those of you who don’t know who the Dyin Flies are, they are a local band from Scunthorpe who like to make a lot of noise, with their loud and fast skate punk rock.

The band consists of 4 members, Jim Cooper, Steve Kyte, Martyn Hodder and Chris Metcalf. We asked Guitarist Chris Metcalf some questions so you can get to know the band a little better.

Interview with Chris Metcalf ‘Dyin Flies’ Guitarist

Chris Metcalf

So Dyin Flies…obviously the first thing I’m going to ask is, why the name? The name of the band I ain’t sure, Jim came up with it before the dinosaurs died out but I think there is a huge nod to Mr Belushi (RIP) and that iconic dying flies dance at the toga party in Animal House.

How long have you been together as a band and how did it happen? With Martyn – 6/7 months (I think) and with me probably nearly 3 years now! The band itself was created by Jim and Kyte but they kept killing guitarists and burying them at work. They can’t kill me n Martyn so they stuck with us. We are just 4 pals wanting to play loud!

What is your favourite venue to play in the area & why? The Imp and Cafe Indie, they have both have been very kind to us and I wouldn’t choose either one over the other one! Both provide great platforms for bands like ourselves to perform.

Who has been the best band to share a stage with so far? Very tough indeed!! I would have to say Skaciety, for a bunch of young lads they are so driven and mature! They have a great management team behind them and their songwriting and live shows make them one to watch for the future! Expect great things this year following the release of their debut album Overstaying our Welcome!

What gig are you most looking forward to in 2018? Another hard one, I am only in this for the live shows so look forward to them all. I guess it will be Skate Rock Boom Bash. Never played at a skate park before and the line-up is savage! 3rd March

What do you hope to achieve with your music? Making a music video and recording an EP has to be up there with the ambition I guess, one of those might be happening quite soon!

What is your most memorable gig to date & why? An evening of punk rock2, eclipses everything! Everyone killed it, the crowd, the bands, the venue!! Dynamite Dynamite, Siknotes, Vanilla Pod, One Car Pile Up and Dyin Flies maxed capacity and had to lock the doors, we all got smashed and partied into the morning! Well me and Kyte did

Do you have a favourite song to perform? One fine day will take some beating but I have a really good feeling about our new stuff! One stand out track, feels like it could well be my new fave but I ain’t telling you the name just yet.

The Scunthorpe Punk, Skate, Emo scene seemed to fade out over the past few years in the area, since the old baths hall, the crosby and independent rock nights went out the window. Do you think it’s making a return and have you noticed the scene growing back into popularity? The skate/punk scene never dies, it just hibernates every now n again! I am thankful that it’s awake now and we get great support home and away! With indie and the imp supporting bands like ourselves long may that continue too!

Why do you think it’s important for local people to attend local gigs? It’s the crowd that make the night, we have played to 10 and we have played to nearly 300! As long as people keep coming to our shows we will keep performing!

Any last words? Keep your eyes and ears open for our debut EP, recording with Matt Cade is a massive highlight for us! We got gigs aplenty this year so come and see what the noise is about.

Dyin Flies


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