Gig // Interrobang!? Gig goers to donate to 2 local charities

Interrobang!? Are a post-punk 3 piece based in Leeds & Brighton.

Café INDIEpendent will be the venue for this gig on Saturday 14th April.
It’s the last gig of the tour Interrobang are doing to promote the new album.

The promoter has decided to use the night to raise money and awareness for two local charity’s.
The first is The Blue Door which helps women who have been subjected to sexual and domestic abuse . All the money made after expenses will go to them.
The second charity is The Forge, which helps people in various ways by dealing with the problems caused by poverty and homelessness. They provide advice and also give out free food.
The promoter and band want people to bring items of clothing to the gig, which will be given to those who need them with the help of the Forge.

So for a few of quid you could buy some Underwear, gloves, T-shirts etc, anything that you can afford that you think someone could use.

If you don’t want to buy something they will have a bucket for you to put a donation in.

Interrobang!? are asking people who come to any of the gigs on the tour to contribute to a local homeless or refugee charity so let’s do our bit to help.
Here are the links to those charity’s



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