Review // Sweet Sensation @ Cafe INDIE

On Saturday night we arrived at Cafe Indie to a full house.

It’s not usually the type of music that would attract me but I’d heard good things about the night and a few of my family members were attending, so a good chance to see some familiar faces.
The age group of the event varied but mostly it attracted people who spent their youth clubbing in the 90’s.

I did expect a bit more of a variation in music but it was predominantly old skool house and dance music, not really any sign of Madchester indie.

I spoke to a few people on the night who all claimed they didn’t go out in Scunthorpe usually but this night and venue created a whole new vibe and atmosphere to relive their youth.

One person said “I came to the last event and it was brilliant. It’s not like being in Scunthorpe, it’s a totally different atmosphere”.

Another said: “I enjoyed the atmosphere and seeing old faces and dancing to some old classics. I think the venue is brilliant and can’t wait for the next one, oh maybe a variety of dj’s so we get a mix of different tunes, would like to have heard more of the old tunes but all in all a good night. Oh maybe extend time it’s not late enough.”

People danced all night long and the bar filled with empty red stripe cans, everyone was really friendly and the people were spread between the 3 floors. The top floor people were chilling out on the sofas in big friendship groups and the middle floor was the bar and people stood chatting and the
basement was a dark sea of ravers, with a glimmer of faces in the multicoloured light flashes.

The Bar @ Cafe INDIE

As I say, I’d have prefered a bit more of a musical variation as it never really seemed to change tempo to anything other than old skool dance but there were quite a few songs thrown in that I knew, I grew up in the 90’s but I wasn’t old enough for raving then so I probably didn’t appreciate the reminiscent vibe of the night as much as the others in attendance.
The ticket price was more than I’d usually pay for a local DJ event but it was donated to SoBS suicide bereavement in Scunthorpe so that was fair enough as it went to a good cause.

Having not been to a DJ night at Cafe Indie and purely just attending bands or the actual coffee shop I wasn’t too sure if a DJ event could keep me there until the end, but it did and it was a good venue for it because if you didn’t want to dance and be close to the music you could go sit down on the various sofas with your friends and hear what they were saying, where as in a club you don’t tend to be able to do that.

The staff did a good job of keeping on top of the bar and although quite busy at times we weren’t waiting too long.

Would I go again? I would go again if my family attended as it was more for them that I went as I don’t see them a lot but I would recommend it to anyone to give it a go especially if you like old skool dance and house music and to be honest it really is a different feel and atmosphere to anywhere else in Scunthorpe. It seemed the busiest place in town on Saturday night and everyone seemed to be having a brilliant time.

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