GIG REVIEW // American Head Charge + Supports

American Head Charge, Liv Sin, In Death, Reptil & Mastiff – The Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe – Saturday 16th September 2017.

Scunthorpe metal fans were treated to an international line up, with bands from the USA, Sweden, Australia, Germany and the UK, all performing live on the Lincoln Imp stage.

Billed as Scunthorpe’s biggest ever metal night, it would be very difficult to argue against that, as a packed room went crazy and were treated to a fantastic night.

First up, representing the UK, were Mastiff from Hull. The band were a great start to the evening, getting the crowd excited for the night ahead, whilst delivering their own loud, aggressive, metal tunes. The vocals were fantastic and the band’s performance was great. This is a local band I could see myself listening to and hope to catch again soon.


They were followed by Reptil from Germany, who you could class as Industrial Metal, who had a bit of a Marilyn Manson feel to them. I can honestly say in all my years in attending events, I haven’t seen any band perform like them, as they put on a crazy performance that distracted from their actual music.

I found myself more interested in the stage performance than the actual music itself, as the tunes weren’t that great, but the band’s performance was fantastic. From using floor panels to tap dance as part of the bands percussion, to the constant costume changes from the female vocalist, the band members seemed to perform like it was a show and it did take you away from the actual music. The performance alone is worth a look if you get the chance to see them but the music itself wasn’t anything special and slightly disappointing.

The third act of the night was In Death from Australia. A solid performance from a really good death metal band who knew just how to get the crowd going. One of the more popular acts of the night, this band were one of the highlights of the night for me, so I will be interested in hearing more from them.

Next up was Liv Sin, a metal band from Sweden, which were the only band to have a female lead singer. Great vocals, which combined with a great group of musicians made a fantastic performance and another band I really enjoyed.


It was now time for the headliner, which was American Head Charge from the USA, who had the crowd in the palm of their hand for the full set and an encore.

Straight from the opening note, the fans sang along all night, right till the very end. At one moment, Karma who is one of the guitarists, leapt off the stage into the crowd and was carried all around the venue.

The band put on an amazing show and left the fans wanting more.

A lot of the band members took time to watch the other bands and hanging out with the fans which was a nice thing to see.

I was lucky enough to speak to a few of the musicians who performed and they all said how much they loved the venue, the people, the hospitality and how they would love to return.

A huge thanks to the Lincoln Imp for inviting me along to attend this event, everyone involved in running and promoting the event, the bands for a great performance and everyone who turned up to make the night a huge success.

Hopefully this will lead to many more events like this in the future.

Review & Images by Steven Potter


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