Review + Photos // Party In The Pines Finale

This weekend Party In The Pines went out on a high with it’s last public event. There were a lot of bands and DJ’s that took to the 3 different stages.

We didn’t get there until around 4, which is when The Assist were on stage. We split our time between the main stage and DJ stage and did watch a bit of both from the last sets of the night. Somehow missed the main stage invasion though, which saw members of different bands & public get up on stage with the band Sheafs.

We enjoyed two bands in particular, the acts that stood out to us were Ruff trade, who brought a reggae flavour to the festival in the sunshine, with their branded t shirts and skankin vibe, they really seemed to get people dancing. The other band we most enjoyed were The Moods, there are a lot of them on stage and they bring pure energy with their dance music made from instruments. Sorry I can’t go into every band or DJ who played but every one of them did the festival proud and we would like the public to tell us who they enjoyed at the festival, or maybe if you were on of the acts playing, what did you enjoy?

The Moods

The event didn’t seem quite as busy as the previous year but I can’t say this affected the overall atmosphere of the day. I think the DJ stage pretty much stole the crowd towards the end of the night with sets from legends Billy Bunter and Jumpin Jack Frost and of course Pines favourite and regular DnB DJ Miss Represent to finish the night off.

Stood behind the DJ stage the light show looked pretty spectacular scanning through the crowd and the trees in the backdrop. The local acts from Scunthorpe did the town proud from the DJ’s to the Bands.

The Sheafs stage invasion

Everyone was very friendly and I didn’t see any problems occur at the event. The event was very well organised and the layout was an improvement on last year with the DJ stage and Main stage far enough apart without a clash.

There appeared to be more of a mature audience attracted to this event in comparison to previous years, which was good to see, perhaps due to the headliner, Cast? I can’t really comment on Cast all that much as honestly I can’t say I really knew who they were or that I was a fan but people who were watching them seemed to enjoy the set and I’m probably a minority of people at the festival who didn’t really know who they were.

We would rather know what you thought of the event and tell us about the bands you saw, the ones that stood out or what you generally just enjoyed about the event… so feel free to comment below the article on facebook. Give the band or DJ who stood out to you a tag and mention with why you liked them.

Also did any of you carry on the party with the white van that was parked up for raving in the camping field, kitted out with speakers, sound system and lights?

Photos have started popping up and you can find some great images via Bob Riach (Jigsaw Photography) and BuckoPhotography (Jonathan Buck).

The images featured on this article are courtesy of BuckoPhotography. Please visit both the photographers pages and give them a like for taking your photo.

Great Last Day at Party In The Pines in Scunthorpe

Posted by Buckophotography on Saturday, August 5, 2017

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3 thoughts on “Review + Photos // Party In The Pines Finale

  1. Absolutely fantastic day and night been to every one of these events very sad there won’t be another one.
    Ruff trade stood out for me and got the crowd dancing also the moods were great with amazing energy the crowd enjoyed themselves. Good organisation as always well done to Gaz Hird another great day of memories 🙂

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