Set to play the Fort Jester festival at the Party in the Pines venue this June, Drum and Bass / Breakbeat DJ Missrepresent is no stranger to getting dancefloors bouncing across the globe.

missrepresentuniversaldrumznov2014zct7tsqnFor 3 consecutive years, Missrepresent was nominated and came in the results of top third and second ‘Best female DJ’ at the national Drum and Bass awards alongside Annie Mac (Radio 1) and the legendary DJ Storm (Metalheadz). If you’ve caught one of her sets either live or online, you will know why!!! Along with DJ’ing across the globe from Europe to Eastern Bloc to North America and the Far East to critical acclaim, the journey began in 2004 when Missrepresent beat over 500 entries to win the DJ mix competition. In the same year she qualified in the finals of Bristol Academy’s ‘Movement & Driveby’ competition which led to the beginnings of a global career in DJ’ing at venues such as The Wagon Club (Poland), Club Cube (Lodz Poland), Porto Play DnB (Portugal) and Lisbon (Portugal) with numerous gigs in Germany.   

Scunthorpe Nights caught up with Missrepresent for a quick Q&A ahead of her North Lincolnshire gig.

Which DnB track started it all off for you?
When I was raving as a kid, it was always hardcore raving at the sanctuary (RIP) but I switched after listening to Nicky Blackmarket in Bristol.
The track that sticks out the most that I loved was Jo R Type – Awesome Records. Got to shout out to Slipmat on that one, what an amazing tune.

How did you get in to spinning the tunes?
I went to a lot of free parties and house parties, and the boys never let me play on their decks. It kinda fascinated me.
I was working as a store manager for Domino’s Pizza at the time and my franchisee Hash Chawda bought me a set of decks and a mixer.
I promised to pay him the £400 at the time back, I never did! We are good though, he is like a Step-Dad to me, he is coming to my wedding in August and I visit him still in Stroud.

Which DnB DJs are your biggest inspiration?
Mixing Andy C. Selection Nicky Blackmarket. Legendary status, Roni Size, Fabio, Grooverider and Mampi Swift. Phantasy inspires me because he works so hard with promotions.
Aries and DJ SS just inspire me on the whole jungle tip, they know their jungle. Jaguar Skillz because I hit him up querying the whole digital mixing, and he actually took the time to talk and I saw a completely different point of view.
Serial Killaz for production skills, DJ Sly for breaking through and staying there. DJ Dazee and Rap for just being awesome ambassadors for women in our scene.
Simon Bassline Smith and Tony Modified Motion for smashing it time and time again. Lion Dub, Filthy Habits. Seriously I could be here all day. I am deeply inspired n a daily basis by the amazing people we have in our music scene.

Where does the name come from?
I always loved Roni Size and Reprazent. I actually stumbled up to him a bit worse for wear 15 years ago at Bristol Academy and asked him if it was ok to use the name. He was cool and now sends me music, so totally stoked.
I looked in the dictionary for Mis names, Misguided, Misunderstood etc but Miss Represent had a bit more of an urban feel to it.

Out of all your music, which tune never fails to get the room bouncing?
Friday Capone.

Vinyl or CDJs?
My house is a shrine for vinyl so vinyl, but I mainly use CDJs now.

What famous venues have you played at?
Cross Club Prague, Brunel Rooms Swindon, Scala London, Sub Club, Bratslavia – Slovakia, Tramps Worcester, oh wow I’ve been blessed to play at hundred of famous clubs check this out :

What is your dream venue?

Amnesia Ibiza or Pirate Station Moscow.

What do you do when not DJing?
I run my label Sliced Note Recordings and I love making music. I also love making digital artwork now.
I love my garden, and watching movies, eating out and meditating.

If you had a time machine, what year would you go back to, and why?
That is an interesting question, and I don’t think I would want to time travel backwards. My life has only improved as I have got older.
I wouldn’t want to be stuck back in time as we have so much great technology now and efficient cars, efficient heating and amazing advances in the world.
But, if I really had to… I’d probably go back to 1995 and try a little harder in my GCSE’s.

Any advice for any budding DnB DJs?
Just enjoy the music, and don’t expect too much. This was a hobby that turned professional for me, and every time I get paid to play music I love, I treat it as a blessing.
Be grateful, and don’t forget your roots and the people who have helped you get where you are.

Any shout outs?
My very supporting Fiance.
Bristol Sounds, Eat Your Greens, Universal Drumz, Party In The Pines, The Explosive Bass Crew in Birmingham and all the people supporting me and my label. You know who you are!

You can find Missrepresent on Facebook, Soundcloud, and her website.

We look forward to seeing Missrepresent on the Fortress Stage at the Fort Jester festival this June. Thickets are available on the Party in the Pines main website here.


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