A Tribute To Casper Croft

Today I pay tribute by not sharing or posting anything other than this.

A year ago today, a great friend of mine, Richard Croft but better known as Casper Croft left us.

Casper was a big part of Scunthorpe Nights. He’d go off reviewing for me or quite often accompany me. He would proof read my articles, and be sure he would tell me if something wasn’t spelt correctly!

He was always great when it came to needing advice or a second opinion. He loved to go out and review events and shows, whether it was a theatre show, art or music.

Casper was an IT and internet whizz. He was always the guy you called if you were having computer trouble. He helped me originally set up the scunthorpenights.co.uk domain back in 2014 and frequently contributed towards the cost of web hosting to keep me reviewing and keep the website going.

Some people may know Casper from Party In The Pines behind the scenes, and if you didn’t know his name you’d more than likely have seen him walking around with brightly coloured hair. But the posters, banners, organisation and alot of the ideas were him.

Casper had an eye for detail and design, and a great passion for music of all genres. He was always the one doing a favour and gave such encouragement and praise to people close to him. He had more opinions than I knew were ever possible for one person and stood up for what he believed in.

Casper was never too busy to help a friend in need and a year on his loss is still felt greatly for all those whose lives he entered. Casper really didn’t have it easy, he had to deal with so much pain, serious health issues and obstacles but he still managed a brave face. Casper’s ability to make others laugh and his strong wit and sarcasm charmed so many…as well as probably upset some lol. But honesty was one of his best traits.

Weekly when I look at the website stats I smile because people are still reading his articles from years before and they don’t even know it. He’d like that and he lives on in so many ways.

If you have any memories or photos of Casper then please do share them under this post on Facebook.

I’m going to leave it there for now because everyone that knew Casper has their own memories but I am going to leave you with a list of some of his previous articles that he wrote and for those of you that know him, I hope you can hear his voice in the writing.

Some of Caspers Reviews:

Interview // with DJ MISSREPRESENT

Review // Shaun Crellin

Review //Words are Weapons

Review // Alan Davies Little Victories Tour

Review // Jasper Carrot at The Baths Hall



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5 thoughts on “A Tribute To Casper Croft

    1. Beautiful tribute. I knew Casper late in his life, exclusively on Discord, but as you might guess he won friendship and respect all around him, and became a central social dude making a solid community… those communities live on and we will never forget him ❤️


      1. Thank you for your lovely comment and thank you to all of his friends on discord for not only making his life more bearable on most days stuck in his bedroom but also for the support with the funds for his funeral. He was very fond of his chat group on discord and I am personally very grateful to all those who spoke to him day in day out making the world a little less lonely for him.


  1. I got to meet Casper through my daughter Rachel Johnson. Found him to be a really genuine nice guy mainly spent time with him at Rachel’s parties and was hounered to help him tick a box of his list taking him clay shooting before his sight got to bad, I can still picture that smile on his face when he hit his 1st clay. I’ll ask Rachel to post pics from that day.

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