REVIEW// Alan Davies: Little Victories @ The Baths Hall

alan-davies-little-victories-posterAlan Davies, most popularly known for being a resident panelist on the hit BBC show QI and as the eponymous star of Jonathan Creek, brought his latest comedy tour, “Little Victories”, to the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe on Friday 20th March, with 2 of the Scunthorpe Nights team joining a brimming auditorium of fans.

We took to our seats, Alan strided up to the microphone and gained instant rapport with the audience within his first few sentences, greeting the crowd and finding out how far people had travelled and the age range. The audience was soon on-side after the topic of local rivalries was discussed, nothing unites a crowd faster than a common nemesis!

The show focused mostly around anecdotes of family and children, in particular Alan’s youth, and stories of his own children and being a parent.  Alan’s material was funny and original, and very relatable to the audience who clearly enjoyed the show throughout.  Jokes and punchlines were delivered perfectly and kept the audience laughing over and over, particularly when previous punchlines turned up in related situations throughout the show.

“I didn’t say that, I was nine”

Setwise, the stage was pretty simplistic, with just a plain black backdrop and no props or scenery. This left the focus entirely on Alan, and given the strength of material, no backdrop was required. One point I’d like to make in particular is the absence of a warm up act. At first I found this a little odd but again,based on the strength of the routine it was not necessary and meant attendees got more ‘Alan’ for their money.

The performance was entirely entertaining and enjoyable, with Alan’s style of humour, wit and grumpy-old-man syndrome shining through.The crowd showed their appreciation through rapturous applause.  All those we spoke to absolutely loved the show and were thrilled to have seen it.

After the show, Alan met fans to sign merchandise they had purchased, a popular move with fans who had paid to see the show.

Credit: (Left to Right) Scarlett Littlemore, Lois Hamill, Gemma Hilton

Alan’s Little Victories tour continues around the UK throughout March.

(Reviewer Casper Croft)


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