Interview// Manchester Band “The Moods”

The Moods are a 9 piece electro driven music collective.

John (one of the 4 vocalists) from the band answered some quick fire questions for Scunthorpe Nights.

Why “The Moods”? Who picked the name and does it mean anything to you?

The Moods name came from something our singers’ former girlfriend said once. Cunny used to smoke a lot back in the early days, were talking around 10 years ago now, when we were a totally different band with different members. She said to him one night, “Oh, are you going into one of those Philosophical Moods Again” at the time we loved the sound of that and it kinda stuck as our band name. I suppose it was better than our name at the time “Indiekate” Terrible name.

There’s always the question who are your influences, but who do you want to influence?

Good question, me personally, I hope to influence the next generation of Mancunian musicians. I hope as a band and the way we sound, we can break the mould of the “Manchester Sound” Don’t get me wrong, we have a great heritage when it comes to music but, I think it’s time to make a change, try something new, experiment with your music, don’t pigeon hole yourself to one genre, one demographic. Experiment a bit, and most importantly, enjoy the music you do. 

I’d say most bands have particular song(s) that seem to be crowd favourites and really get them going, what is your set list anthem that people shout for?

We have a lot of songs that people seem to enjoy but I’d say “Missing Peace” is one of our anthems. Whenever we play it Live people seem to join in and sing it with us which always makes you feel good inside. 

Where do you hope your music will take you?

I’m hoping our music will literally take us around the world, that’s the dream for us. I’d love to do this as a full time job, I’m not really interested in money or fame but if I could quit my job tomorrow and still be able to pay my bills I’d be a very happy man. I’m sure we all would. 

Do you have a most memorable gig, so far?

I think for The Moods, selling out the 02 Ritz in Manchester as an unsigned band would probably be our greatest show to date. For us to play such an iconic venue is something I never thought I’d achieve in my career as a musician. To play it twice is gonna be amazing, we can’t wait for album launch on 8th September, we get to play to another sell out Manchester crowd, it’s gonna be a special night.

What is your favourite hometown venue to play and why?

Well, like I mentioned, The 02 Ritz has to be the best venue in Manchester for us but Manchester has many great venues. The Ruby Lounge, Deaf Institute and Manchester Academy have all been kind to us over the years and we have great memories of playing them. 

You played Party in the Pines last year and you are returning to the main stage this year, did you enjoy your pines experience and why should people buy tickets?

The thing that struck me most about Party In The Pines was the relaxed atmosphere from the audience, to the security staff and the fact that there’s no cooperate influence gives the festival a unique quality which is hard to find these days.

We would probably say that this was one of the highlights of our year due to the fact that we had the most fun on stage and the camping after the festival a mini festival in itself. We are buzzing to be invited back and to play the main stage is a bonus for us.

To someone who hasn’t heard your music, how would you describe the sound and the band as a whole?

I would describe it as a big old mix of everything, we have HipHop, Drum n Bass, Reggae, EDM, I’d even go as far as to say we have some pop elements. There really is something for everyone. You really only get the full impact of our sound when you come and see us Live. We are infectious, you just have to dance.

Finally, I saw your music video for “Joy” the other day, honestly I will usually click on and click off most music videos but yours caught my attention and loved the song too, it seemed to have a pretty strong storyline and theme and was like a mini movie, how long did it take you to film and where did you get the Inspiration?

We filmed it all on the same day, the lads at Croftwork we’re on the ball, really professional so we got everything done the first time.

The music video was written by the band and beautifully brought to life by the fantastic actors and the team at Croftwork,

We wanted to create a short film making people look into their own hearts and ask themselves are they part of the problem or part of the solution.

With all the craziness going on in the world today, we can’t predict what the future holds. But it’s time we all started turning away from hate and started sharing the Joy.

New video release “Joy”

Give the band a like The Moods Facebook

This interview was done pre Party In The Pines 

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