New Music // The Moods- Somebody’s Hero Nobody’s Soldier

The Moods have played Scunthorpe a handful of times now, most memorable for me was at Party In The Pines in Broughton when they took to the main stage for an energetic set. Discovering this band was a real treat as their music caters for a variety of tastes. The Moods 2017 album “Missing Peace” is a hard one to follow as it was an exceptional collection of melodic anthems but listening to the prelease of the new album “Somebody’s Hero Nobody’s Soldier” so far I’ve had a quick listen to some of the tracks on offer and it’s got plenty of Mood vibes, lyrics to ponder and hooks that will make you click repeat all summer long.

The vocal and instrumental mash ups in The Moods music keeps you flowing, changing up tempos and beats. One minute you’re listening to a sax solo and next it’s fast paced Raps. The male and female vocals are so distinctive, you sort of get addicted to their music. I can’t wait to see them back at a Scunthorpe venue soon as they were due to return to Cafe INDIE before lockdown struck.

Press Release:

Nine-piece urban dance collective The Moods are set to make their return with their long-awaited third album on 25th June 2021 (on A1M Records). 

Somebody’s Hero Nobody’s Soldier sees the Moods continue to rebel against the typical Manchester indie music scene, their diverse soundscape influenced by House to Hip-Hop and everything in-between. The lyrics give captivating takes on the likes of social media, immigration, political greed, and climate change – every song inspired by a candid view on modern society. 

The album embraces a fusion in terms of both genres and personnel. The combination of classically trained instrumentalists, bedroom producers and council estate rappers that has created the Moods’ authentic and unmistakable sound for so long, now also features collaborations with producer JSD of Virus Syndicate, Edinburgh based Folktronica band Ywko Pwno, and rapper and actor Scorzayzee. 

The Moods had built on considerable momentum from the release of their second album Missing Peace back in 2017, with festival appearances across the UK such as Beat-Herder, Lindisfarne, Doune the Rabbit Hole and Highest Point and performances closer to home at iconic Manchester venue Band on the Wall, and even the MEN Arena at the closing ceremony of the World Taekwondo Championships. 

Winter 2019 saw The Moods swap the stage for the studio in preparation for Somebody’s Hero Nobody’s Soldier – but with the album launch all set for May 2020, Covid-19 swept away all live music for the foreseeable future and the album launch with it. 

It’s not easy to silence nine Moods, though – and the group used their wide range of skills to pull together several acoustic versions of singles, as well as virtually assembling Moods fans to create a music video for album track Old School Sound, and even winning the Radio Wigwam Award for Best Urban Act 2020. 

After more than a year of waiting, the day has almost arrived for Somebody’s Hero Nobody’s Soldier to finally leave the studio of Black Triangle, the band’s Manchester home. Released by their Salford-based label A1M Records – The band will celebrate with a free album launch taking place outdoors in Manchester City Centre on Saturday 26th June. 

Whether you’re ready to hit the dance floor after months of waiting or need something to get you thinking – The Moods’ new album won’t disappoint. 

Check out the video below filmed by Bob Riach at Party In The Pines.

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