Food Review // 42 Apart Hotel ★★★★½

Wednesday evening, and I just had to squeeze at least one more venue in to review for August and one place I hadn’t tried yet, quite close to home was the new boutique hotel, 42 Apart Hotel (the old cons club) on Doncaster road.

First off, I’ll start by saying, Wow! what a building transformation. If I didn’t live down the road I’d definitely want to stay here for the night lol. We parked around back as the small area out front was fully occupied. To get to the back carpark you have to drive past Brit corner and down a side road behind Lidl.

Upon entry to the hotel it was pretty quiet as there wasn’t anyone on reception but we took the initiative to follow the wall plaques down a corridor to find the Café. Most tables were occupied but we wandered in and found the service counter. A polite gentleman waiter carrying food told us to take a seat in the 2nd room and he would bring us the menus. There wasn’t much of a wait for our food, or between courses which I like. I’m not one to be having a 30 minute rest break in between.

Looking around the café, it was quite an unusual setting really. Nice, modern and welcoming but the two cafe rooms seemed to have slightly different décor themes and there were a lot of hanging lights but that may be down to the fact the café doesn’t have windows, just a skylight in the 2nd room. I did prefer the room we were seated in and I liked the giant playing card wall art. The seats were very comfortable and trendy. There was a large television screen playing chilled music with videos of fish and other calming scenes. I liked this, I must say I preferred it to sport.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling on and get to the part you want to hear about, the food. The menu had a good selection and it’s great if you are wanting to try something different. You wouldn’t find any of it on a chain pub menu.  Every course was presented with precision and attention to detail.

For the starter I opted for the Smoked salmon on crispy sourdough. It was a good portion size for a starter and they didn’t skimp on the smoked salmon slices. The rustic chilli salsa dotted around the plate was amazing but not for the faint hearted as it did pack a punch. I really want the recipe for that. There was a lot of fresh elements on the plate adding to the overall flavour of the dish, with the rocket, cucumber and dressing. I really enjoyed it.

My mum went for the Homemade crab and lemongrass fish cakes, again served with the delicious chilli salsa, spring onion and salad leaves. You had 3 small fish cakes, which were just about the right size. The crab fish cakes were complimented well by the dressing.

For main, I chose the Lemon griddled chicken breast, garlic and spring onion crushed potatoes and sautéed mushrooms. I wasn’t expecting the dish to look how it did but it was very nice. I think in my head I imagined a piece of dry chicken and some potatoes next to it but it was a lot nicer than that. The chicken was moist, the mushrooms and gravy were flavourful. The new potatoes were good, some bites had a slight crunch to them, which I enjoyed.

The second main was the Homemade koftas, red pepper and coriander cous cous, lime & chilli yogurt. These weren’t lacking in spice, flavour and heat. I’d go as far to say as some of the most intense flavour koftas I’ve tried. Koftas are known for being a bit dry but that’s what the yogurt & salad is for. The only thing with the koftas, they were a little overdone so slightly tough on the outside but everything else about the dish my mum enjoyed. Contrast on the dishes worked well, with the fiery heat of the salsa against the cool freshness of the yogurt.

We just had enough room to squeeze in a dessert so I had the Chocolate Brownie, which was a delight. It looked great and the taste and consistency was just how I expect a brownie to be. It topped off a good meal.

The dessert of the day was chocolate tart, also presented beautifully, the only criticism; it needed some ice cream, cream or maybe a bit more coulis as it was quite rich and needed that variation. The pastry was a little thick for our personal taste but there was nothing bad about it, still enjoyable.

All in all, we really enjoyed our meal at 42 Apart Hotel and would return for a special occasion. I did feel for the waiter a little as he did seem rushed off his feet for the most part and maybe needed a bit of a hand but as I understand the scheme “eat out to help out” has put quite a lot of stress and strain on venues and staff and made them a lot busier than usual so on a quieter day this probably wouldn’t be the case and he was still very polite and friendly considering.

Every single dish was beautiful and meticulously presented.

Overall Score: 4

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

With the scheme and the added 20% discount the venue give you, it was more than worth my money. Full price it would be more a birthday or celebration treat meal rather than a weekly dinner out but the venue are offering 25% off the menu until mid September so if you’ve missed out you can still try the food with a bit of a discount.

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It’s almost the end of the”Eat Out To Help Out” scheme and I’ve tried to fit as many venues in as I could. I’d have loved to have fit more in but I just think anymore and I’d be spending a small fortune even with the discount. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed trying some of the places I wouldn’t ordinarily visit for tea. If I missed you, then you can still request a review here.

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