Food Review // The Iron Forge

On Tuesday 24th July, we attended the final trial run and preview for the new Iron Forge, before it opens officially to the public at 12pm today (Wednesday 25th July).

Upon arrival I must say that the whole building just looks completely different from the outside, as many people will have seen when passing. The front has some good quality wooden tables and chairs to sit out in the sun and the back/side garden has some nice new wooden seating booths and benches along with a small wooden children’s climbing wall & play area, that outdoor section is non smoking.

We entered the main front doors, which used to be the old Mallard’s bar area and you are greeted at the podium by a friendly front of house member of staff, we were then showed to our seats.

We were seated at one of the new booth tables just enough for 6 people which hosts a flat screen at the end. The whole building is completely different now and it looks pretty big, bright and a lot more open. Very Smart!

It’s quite obviously that all the staff were really proud to show it off to the public and they all showed a real enthusiasm for the place and the customers. Hats off to them because in that heat finding enthusiasm must be difficult. Once seated a smiley young lady came over and explained everything to us, how to order and where we can find the carvery sizes and prices etc.

Our table picked a mix of meals, we went for 3 Carvery’s of varied sizes, a Mixed Grill, Sirloin Steak and the Carnivore burger.

The carvery was lovely, I can’t say one bad word about it. From the staff serving to the food on our plates it was a pleasant experience. The meat was all well cooked and a good variety of vegetables. The mashed potato was a highlight to be honest, very creamy and tasty. Sweet carrots and green beans, peas and red cabbage and roast potatoes were among the choice to compliment your generous portion of meat, yorkshire pudding & stuffing.

The Carnivore burger was apparently very nice also, it was a new take a on a burger (Carvery style). For the bun, a homemade yorkshire pudding either side containing a selection of carvery meats and a thick burger inside. It didn’t come with any sauce but the carvery gravy and condiments are on hand if you fancy some of that on it.


The last two meals were the steak and the mixed grill, pretty much all the meat was tasty and well cooked, just the steak’s let it down a little bit as they were a tough and a little fatty but I’m sure with some more time the pub will really aim to be the best they can and keep improving.

This was a brilliant trial run, everyone appeared to know their job and what they needed to be doing and even if they didn’t they held it together well because they got on with it and it all seemed to run smoothly.

Another thing we liked was, if you ask at the bar they will notify you when the main menu meals are on their way to give the people getting a carvery time to get their plate so everyone can eat at the same time.

Soft drinks and ice cream are available as unlimited.

Overall it’s a massive improvement. I know people say it will always be the Mallard to them but I really don’t think you will recognise it and associate it with what it was previously. It is very different to before and I think it will be a popular choice for diners locally.

If you are going today then let us know what you thought.

The Iron Forge Website


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One thought on “Food Review // The Iron Forge

  1. What has happened to the food at the Iron forge…..?? Usually go every Friday teatime for the fish chips and peas ….been today,12 th April ,to be served….cremated fish in “ batter” that just fell off in tiny bits .it was so over cooked,and swimming in fat ,yuk !!! No more. ….. we stopped going for the Carvery ,because it depends on whose cooking,now it’s other things on the menu . Gripe over Visits ,definitely over . Disappointed….


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