The Moods // The Carnival Tour

2nd June at Cafe INDIEpendent

The Moods have gained a real local fan following here in Scunthorpe since their past Party In The Pines performances and gigs in the area.

The Moods don’t really fit into one genre of music, which is what makes them something for everyone, young and old (although not too young as there is swearing & adult references).

The Moods are described as an electro-driven 10 piece dance and hip-hop collective from Manchester with two drummers who delve in and out of styles like they’re going out of fashion. From dubstep, reggae and drum n bass to house, indie and even Balaeric. The Moods really are a band who live up to the tag of a cross-genre band with the added edge of political and socially conscious lyrics, they are not scared to stand up and be counted.

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Joining the Lineup will be  familiar faces of Cafe INDIE as Tom who works there and local artist Connor Dunk introduce their new band, Fidelity Freak.

Recently added to the line up F.O.S (Calvin Plange) local grime artist.

Tickets are available here or from the venue. (60p booking fee applies online)

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