Food Review // Unlimited Breakfast Frankie & Benny’s

Over the weekend Frankie and Benny’s across the UK rolled out an offer for Unlimited breakfasts. The deal was book or reserve a table before 12pm on Saturday or Sunday and if you finish your plate you can have another…or as many as you can eat.

The offer included anything off the breakfast menu but whatever you choose would be what you had a refill of.

Firstly the offer wasn’t very clear as on most write ups about the deal it said it ran until 2pm, this wasn’t the case, it was 12pm.

So a traditional fry up comes in at £5.95, not bad you wouldn’t think. Well, if your getting more than one breakfast in this offer then OK, £3 per plate isn’t bad but if I were going on an ordinary day and that was what I got for £6 I would be less than impressed. One measly wrinkly sausage, one scrappy piece of bacon a “Borrowers” size pot of beans and some herby potatoes.

The herby potatoes were nice, but there wasn’t many of them. The eggs on the first breakfasts were nicely done, runny yolks but the second lot were quite slimey.

Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the worst thing we’ve ever tasted it just wasn’t very impressive.
We managed 2 plates, which wasn’t exactly a challenge but due to unexpected custom down to the offer, the wait was long. It was around 1 hour for the first plate and another half and hour or so for the second…so if you wanted more plates you’d need to have prepared for an early start and a late finish.

Some of the prices are really shocking but I suppose it’s set by the chain. To add brown toast to your breakfast…£1.75. Fresh orange juice was nearly £3 a glass.

The waitress was lovely, very smiley and attentive but the food, the prices and the waiting time were just not great. The place is clean, the atmosphere is pleasant although every single women’s toilet was out of order, thankfully the disabled one was open for use.

Would we eat here again? Probably not unless it was free. I can see how maybe for a large party it might be a fun atmosphere but the quality really doesn’t match cost.

I don’t think the branch expected it to be as busy as it was and the unlimited breakfast idea drew people in, including ourselves. I’d have liked to have seen fuller plates and perhaps this would have satisfied us with one serving and free’d them a table quicker as well as them not having to cook another round for us. I really don’t think any of us could hide our faces at the disappointment of the breakfast we were presented with, “sparse & sad” is the best word to describe the plate. Perhaps the big plate for almost £10 would have been a better choice but I’d not like to have risked that as the bill was already more than you’d expect for a breakfast, standard coffee and juice.

We didn’t even take our own photo because it was underwhelming and after the wait taking a photo wasn’t the forefront of our mind lol so we didn’t fancy instagramming that 😉

It’s probably fair to say it looks a little more cheery on the image for the advert than the plate we received.

We apologize if any reviews offend but we try to give our honest opinions. All opinions are our own and from our single experience so experiences may vary.

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