Food Review // All you can eat Italian #Ciao

This place you get a lot of food for your money. Freshly cooked and brought right to your table.

Just a ride over the bridge and down Boothferry road in Hull you will find a randomly placed Italian called Ciao Cicchetti on the outskirts of the city centre. The inside looks better than outside but it’s bright multicoloured lights do stand out and the staff are helpful and friendly.

The concept is similar to those adopted at the Brazilian grills, where you are given a disc with green on one side and red on the reverse. 

You are given 3 menus to choose from with different set prices. Saver menu offers one page of starters, mains. The standard has a bit more to choose from and the premium gives you access to all 3 pages of starters, pastas, pizzas etc and the choice of 3 premium menu desserts.

It’s not the best food I’ve ever tasted but it was a lot for your money and better than the standard buffet arrangement. 

You are seated at your table, drinks orders taken and left to choose your menu with your first picks. We went for a range of starters which included stuffed mushroom, calamari, mushrooms in sauce, steak salad and garlic cheese bread which all come in small portions but this isn’t bad considering you can re order what you like, as many times as you like so if you didn’t get enough Calamari it’s OK just flip your disc to green and get some more.

Some of the sauce bases did taste like tomato and mushroom soup but I suppose it’s probably cheaper for mass production of dishes.It wasn’t too long waiting time considering there was some large parties in that night. 

The pizza is nice and comes on pitta sized bases and they aren’t tight on toppings. The mozerella sticks we ordered with them were abit hard and overdone though.The carbonara linguine was creamy but quite basic and not really a traditional consistency for original carbonara. The sauces as I say for other pasta dishes were quite similar. The lasange came in a small square in a pie dish.I thought I best get something from the premium menu to make the most of it so opted for a Lamb chop with a sweet sauce but it was mostly a piece of fat, which was abit dissapointing.

The desserts were a choice of cheesecake, brownie or snickers cake. The desserts were nice but we were abit full after all that. You definitely can get your money’s worth of food and try a lot of different dishes. Some dishes were brilliant and some more standard but nothing awful. I’m not sure it was worth getting the premium menu though as there would have been enough choice on standard.

The atmosphere of the place is warm and welcoming and has a classy look with candles in the centre of the table. It was better compared to some all you can eats and I like the red and green system to get service. Service was quick and they didn’t mind how long your list of dishes was.I would recommend trying it because it is good value for your money. The drinks are quite expensive if you want alcohol or cocktail but you can get squash cheap if your not drinking. If I went again I would probably opt for the standard menu as the premium menu dishes didn’t seem very impressive for the extra money.

The 3 menus range from £12.50 to around £18. They do also offer a midweek saver menu at £10 all you can eat.

Getting there: It will take you about 40-45 min drive from Scunthorpe centre to get to Ciao. Drive through the main road into Hull Hessle road and Boothferry.

Alternatively you can get the Humber fast cat to right across the road from the restaurant.

Our Rating (Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★

Hygiene:  ★★★★

Price & value for money: ★★★

Overall Dining experience:  ★★★ ¹/²

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