The Manchester Band The Moods // Return to Scunthorpe

The Moods are returning to Scunthorpe, Café Independent as part of their massive new autumn UK tour.

Earlier this year they gained new fans in the area, performing live on the main stage at Party In The Pines. This band is something special and were definitely our favourite band of the day!

Manchester Band, The Moods // Return to Scunthorpe Café INDIEpendent

If you like bands, drum & bass and something a little bit different, you need to check these out!! SERIOUSLY! They know how to get the energy going”- Scunthorpe Nights

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We spoke to John (1 of the 4 vocalists) from the Moods earlier this year and this is what he had to say:
The Moods are a large electro driven music collective.

Why “The Moods”? Who picked the name and does it mean anything to you?

The Moods name came from something our singers’ former girlfriend said once. Cunny used to smoke a lot back in the early days, were talking around 10 years ago now, when we were a totally different band with different members. She said to him one night, “Oh, are you going into one of those Philosophical Moods Again” at the time we loved the sound of that and it kinda stuck as our band name. I suppose it was better than our name at the time “Indiekate” Terrible name.

To someone who hasn’t heard your music, how would you describe the sound and the band as a whole?

I would describe it as a big old mix of everything, we have HipHop, Drum n Bass, Reggae, EDM, I’d even go as far as to say we have some pop elements. There really is something for everyone. You really only get the full impact of our sound when you come and see us Live. We are infectious, you just have to dance.

There’s always the question who are your influences, but who do you want to influence?

Good question, me personally, I hope to influence the next generation of Mancunian musicians. I hope as a band and the way we sound, we can break the mould of the “Manchester Sound” Don’t get me wrong, we have a great heritage when it comes to music but, I think it’s time to make a change, try something new, experiment with your music, don’t pigeon hole yourself to one genre, one demographic. Experiment a bit, and most importantly, enjoy the music you do.

I’d say most bands have particular song(s) that seem to be crowd favourites and really get them going, what is your set list anthem that people shout for?

We have a lot of songs that people seem to enjoy but I’d say “Missing Peace” is one of our anthems. Whenever we play it Live people seem to join in and sing it with us which always makes you feel good inside.

Where do you hope your music will take you?

I’m hoping our music will literally take us around the world, that’s the dream for us. I’d love to do this as a full time job, I’m not really interested in money or fame but if I could quit my job tomorrow and still be able to pay my bills I’d be a very happy man. I’m sure we all would.

Do you have a most memorable gig, so far?

I think for The Moods, selling out the 02 Ritz in Manchester as an unsigned band would probably be our greatest show to date. For us to play such an iconic venue is something I never thought I’d achieve in my career as a musician. To play it twice is gonna be amazing, we can’t wait for album launch on 8th September, we get to play to another sell out Manchester crowd, it’s gonna be a special night.

Press release:The Moods are a ten-piece collective of producers, poets and musicians from the Northwest of England. Combining drum & bass, reggae, hip-hop and EDM, The Moods’ mighty music sparks off a contagious need to dance. The band’s live act just got even more powerful with the welcoming of Alice, a classically-trained violinist, to the family; her stunning strings bring a whole new level to The Moods’ already awesome performance. The Moods make music with real grit and substance: they’re a band with plenty to say, singing and rapping with raw passion about the important stuff: war, famine, love, life and death. The Moods will make you dance, and then they’ll make you think.

Summer 2017 has been unforgettable for The Moods and their fans. The band have wowed crowds in iconic venues, in fields, even in a forest and a barn. They have brought down the house at festivals, and added legions of fans to the moods family. What’s more, their first single, JOY, was met with critical acclaim, prime-time radio airplay, tens of thousands of streams and stellar reviews. And the thought-provoking video to accompany the single, starring Steve Evets (Looking for Eric). BBC radio Lancashire and Sheffield have played tracks from the new album, Missing Peace. A thought provoking and powerful new video new single POP (Profit Over People) earned thousands of views in its first few hours, and is currently being broadcast across the globe on the internet and TV on the VEVO platform.

The incredible summer season culminated with a huge homecoming gig for The Moods at Manchester’s landmark O2 Ritz, a packed house at this iconic venue, witnessed a spine tingling, emotional night that was critically acclaimed in national and regional music press.

29th September sees the release of the new album, Missing Peace. Packed with potent political messages, this is way more than just infectious music and rap. With honesty and urgency, The Moods tackle topics such as social injustice, inequality, poverty and corruption. With so many important things to say, it only seems right that The Moods spread their word far and wide, which is why they are gearing up to go on tour again.

Missing Peace – UK Tour 2017

30th September –London (ICL) (Freshers party)
1st October – London (ICL) (Freshers party)
4th October – Manchester – FOPP records In Store Live
13th October – Stoke -The Exchange
14th October – Doncaster – Vintage Rock Bar
21st October – Bolton – Blind Tiger
27th October – London – Dublin Castle)
28th October – Brighton (TBC)
3rd November – Scunthorpe – Café Independent
4th November – Liverpool – Zanzibar
11th November – BlackPool (TBC)
16th November – Sheffield – West Street Live
17th November – Edinburgh – Stramash
18th November – Glasgow – Secret Location
2nd December – Manchester – The Bread Shed (End of Tour Party)

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