Glanford Park Restaurant // Sunday Carvery

We visited the Glanford Park top restaurant overlooking the ground for one of their Sunday carverys. 

To say there was around 15 of us and not as many staff as it was later on towards the end of serving, they coped very well to take all the drink orders and get them to the table relatively quick. We were asked if we wanted starters but only one person ordered a rather nice sounding option of sweet potato and coconut soup.

We all then went up a few at a time to the carvery, there was a choice of 3 meats, turkey, pork and beef. All very nice and tender and a good helping too. I liked that you could have some crackling as well. 

The stuffing balls were proper sausage ones rather than your standard packet mix.

There wasn’t a massive variety of vegetables in comparison to other carvery’s we have been to but non the less the veg was all cooked perfectly with a choice of sweet red cabbage, sliced wedges of carrot and broccoli, new potatoes or roast potatoes and a welcome but usual addition to the selection was some large mushrooms in a deliciously creamy and buttery sauce.

The Yorkshire puddings were huge but very light and fluffy and the gravy was nice and thick rather than like brown water.

The carvery is open every Sunday from 11.30am until 3.00pm. 

It’s £7.95 for adults and £4.95 for U12’s.

It was a very reasonable price for the lot of us and you got your money’s worth. My only issue was the lack of selection and the roasts could have been a bit more crispy and less beige. Other than that no problems.

Desserts were £3.50 each and most of us opted for the lemon cheesecake, which was really delicious. It was very thick and smooth with zest throughout and a beautiful texture to the biscuit base. 

The venue is not somewhere you would usually think to visit for your Sunday dinner but it was well worth a visit and the atmosphere and layout was welcoming, if you’re a football fan you can even sit and eat your dinner staring out the window at the ground below.

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