Review// Cleethorpes Scooter Weekend

Over last weekend we visited Cleethorpes on Saturday 8th July for the annual Scooter Weekend. We didn’t attend the official event as it is mostly for real scooter fans and members of the scooter club to get together but the square in Cleethorpes was closed off for revellers to enjoy the sun and atmosphere. I would say music too but the speaker system out there was absolutely SHOCKING!!

Saturday morning at 11am was the ride out from Premier Inn, which gave everyone a chance to watch the various scooters as they passed.

The main event for the scooter club was held at Beachcomber at night and camping and entertainment at Meridian Park (Near Pleasure Island).

The square in Cleethorpes is the centre of the town with all the bars. This year it took host to an outdoor event with food and drink from the various bars and eateries in the square. It wasn’t too pricey either which was good. The area was fenced off and revellers were given wrist bands (not sure the purpose of those) and underwent bag checks before entering. It really filled up towards the afternoon with the whole square as a sea of people. There was a small marquee placed at the centre front, which was new addition as we haven’t noticed this before and to be honest although it is good to have music outside this was probably the most terrible sound system we have ever heard. We don’t expect a surround sound  club quality but the speakers were buzzy and way too close to each other. This did slightly ruin it because dancing to that wasn’t particularly appealing, especially when it seemed so distorted at times that the songs were hardly recognisable, it did sound somewhat better from behind rather than in front. It would have been nice to have a mini stage with bands playing throughout the day but we would have settled just for some better music.

Earlier In The Day @ The Square Cleethorpes

It did seem to attract a lot more people than usual this year, just maybe less Scooter members than usual. Most venues opened until the early hours with live music and DJ’s.

It’s always a good day out with your friends, especially on a sunny day. Drink some beer, look at some scooters and dance to some Motown. Cleethorpes Scooter weekend takes place every year in July. So if you haven’t been before give it a go with your friends next year.

The only downside to a night out in Cleethorpes if you aren’t staying over is the last train back to Scunthorpe, which is always before 20:30. So for people that like to party, the train isn’t a brilliant idea for a lift home. If your wanting to stay over in Grimsby or Cleethorpes, good luck as most B&B and hotels are all SOLD OUT weeks before the event.

We definitely recommend you add it to your summer list to do for 2018 and give it ago.

Feel free to send us any photos if you attended.

For Scooter fans and Club members who wish to attend the official events and have an interest in Scooters then visit: Mansfield Monsters Scooter Club

If you can’t wait till next year to experience a Scooter Rally then local pub Ingleby Arms in Amcotts will be host venue to Lost and Lonely SC rally on 22nd July 2017 with live music & camping will also be available.

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