Food Review // Wingfield Farm

Please note: We will cover venues outside of Scunthorpe if it is in close proximity to Scunthorpe. This newly built pub is just over the Humber Bridge. So whether you’re passing through Hessle or visiting Hull for a City of Culture event and fancy a carvery, any day of the week. Here’s an option.

We tried out the newly built chain pub (Farmhouse inns) Wingfield Farm just off the roundabout as you exit the Humber Bridge into Hessle.
They offer a carvery every day of the week for around a fiver, but on a Sunday it increases to around £8.

As it’s new, whenever I drive past the carpark is overflowing so we thought we best book, but apparently they don’t take bookings so we risked turning up a little later when we thought it might be less busy. We went around 7pm and it was still fairly busy. With a long line of customers waiting for the carvery. We were told there would be a 25 minute wait to be seated and given a buzzer service, this flashes and buzzes when a table becomes available. We got a drink and sat outside for about 10 minutes and the buzzer went off so we went back in and immediately got escorted to our table.
Like most carvery’s you go to the bar and pay for your carvery and you receive a ticket to hand in over the hot counter. At the bar we overheard that the carvery had now run out of Gammon and Beef, which some people weren’t too happy about. We didn’t mind too much as there was still turkey and pork to choose from. Although maybe an offering of a pig in a blanket would have been a nice substitute offering but that was £1 extra for x2 pigs in blankets and an extra yorkshire, so we left that deal.

We waited in line for the carvery, which probably took about as long as waiting for the table but it was fine as it was expected when it was so busy. At the counter we were asked if we would like a stuffing ball and yorkshire. Then obviously pick your meat(s) of choice. I went for Pork as I’ve never been a turkey fan, but I did try my partners Turkey and it was quite nice (for Turkey). The slices were quite thin but you got just about enough meat and the thin slices actually made the meat taste better rather than chewing a thick piece. The meat was succulent and cooked perfectly, a few bits of fat but I wouldn’t say a bad bit of meat at all.

The veg selection was pretty good, with Creamy mash potatoes, Mashed carrot and swede, (Which were both very smooth), sliced carrots, new potatoes, mushy peas, savoy cabbage, red cabbage & cranberry, broccoli, cauliflower cheese, roast parsnips and roast potatoes. The only thing I’d say I wasn’t too keen on would be the roasts as they weren’t crispy and they all looked a bit on the burnt side. They tasted OK but they were a bit soft and black. I can’t complain about anything else really, even the lack of meat selection didn’t really ruin our experience.


We were asked 3 times whilst eating, by 3 different members of staff within about 10 minutes of each other, if the meal was OK, which, “Yes thanks, it is but I’ve got a mouthful and we have already answered twice”, so that was maybe the only annoying thing when you’re trying to eat and have to answer that with your mouthful more than once, so maybe just a system in place to check who has already been asked or just don’t ask, please.

The carvery is advertised to be run until 11am- 9pm but on a busy day you can imagine past the 6pm mark, items are going to start running low, so you can’t complain too much about that.

The staff were polite enough even with the stress they were under. The outside seating areas were nice in the sunshine. The place itself was clean and tidy but it is a brand new building so you would expect that. It is a very busy place though so just bare that in mind when visiting and considering it was so busy the wait wasn’t long. Although I can imagine if ordering from the main menu it may be a bit more of a wait.

A lot of customers seemed to be ordering from the full menu, the dishes coming out the kitchen looked rather nice. It was a little more pricey than some of the other chain pubs but it did look rather nice. When you have finished your meal you can indulge in some ice cream from the ice cream bar, which is host to about 12-15 flavours but it will cost you nearly £4 for 3 scoops so I didn’t bother with it. The cakes are impressive looking, one slice is about 3 cakes high and you can “cakeaway” take your cake away. A slice was £4.50 but it is a huge slice and the selection of cakes are inviting even for someone who isn’t a massive cake fan, so we took home a carrot cake to share, you even get some thick cream to accompany it in the tray.


All in all, we will be visiting again and enjoyed the food. It was better than expected and all seemed to be fresh produce and well prepared.

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