Zombie Uprising // Kirton In Lindsey 2017

You may have seen around the country zombie experiences popping up, well this time Zombie Uprising is coming to Kirton In Lindsey. There are still tickets remaining. Tickets will set you back £69.99 for 3 hours of zombie survival.

Armed with a single weapon, can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombie Uprising is a live action zombie survival experience that will push you to your limits. You’ve seen the films . You’ve played the games. Now be in them! It’s time to find out what you will do when the Zombie Apocalypse arrives.

Will it be end of days? Or can you prevent the dawn of the Zombie Earth?

You and your teammates will be armed with a single weapon and given a mission. From there you will have to battle and reclaim the outbreak zones that have become infested with the walking dead.

Zombie Uprising Events guarantee an adrenaline fuelled fear fest in a post apocalyptic outbreak zone. Here, you and your team will have to avoid infection and battle for survival to complete your mission.

The stage of the zombie infection has passed, it’s now time to battle the Zombie Uprising!

Visit the website to book

The Last Stand – Full Ticket – April 22nd – 7pm£69.99 (GBP)  / ticket
The Last Stand – Deposit ticket (Pay the remaining £40 at the event) – April 22nd – 7pm£29.99 (GBP)  / ticket

Published by Scunthorpe Nights

Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.

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