1Do you fancy doing us a guest review or taking some phone snaps while you are out and about at events, shows and gigs?

Obviously we cannot make every event so we need you to help us review.There is plenty going on and we just can’t make them all.

If you are already thinking of attending or you are performing at any local events, gigs or shows and would be willing to write a short or long review, it’s up to you how much you write.

Take some phone photos to go with your article via your mobile phone or compact camera. You will then have your name credited at the bottom of the article and be sent the stats in which your article reaches if you wish.

People wanting to write more often, think of this as a trial before we can add you to the website as a writer.

It’s all for fun and your opinion on the things going on. There is no pressure and no tight deadlines. But obviously don’t leave it too long after the event otherwise you may forget it.

This weekend the list of events we are suggesting for review if you are already attending: (Optional you may pick your own choice to review)

Friday, October 3


 Northern Soul and Motown night

 Gig – Ashby Cons Club

Saturday, October 4

 Northern Soul and Motown night
 COMPLETE CONTROL play The Clash @ Ashby Star

 Scunthorpe Amateur Speedway, Flat Track and Pit Bike Meeting

 Lou Lou’s Scunthorpe Vintage Fair

 The Scunthorpe Vintage Fair

 Black Moth + LIMB + Hollow @ The Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe

 Vaudeville Variety Show- Plowright Theatre

 Boogie Nights – October

Sunday, October 5


 Sunday Club Reunion festival

So who better to write the review than the people for the people? Get involved. Even sending in photos helps us out a lot.

You can contact us many ways here is just one:
(If you submit your name, email & event you are attending we will get back to you.)

Alternately comment below, tweet us @ScunthorpeNight or find us on Facebook.

 All credits go to the originator of the photos/article

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