Music Review: The Sunshine Underground


If you haven’t already heard then The Sunshine Underground are headlining the biggest local adult festival of the summer Party In The Pines and also if you haven’t heard, where have you been?

Having never seen these guys perform live before I can’t comment on performance but people who have seen them live I know have been back again and again. I’m pretty sure they will have the late night Party In The Pines crowd jumping to their beat.And probably make some new fans along the way.

These guys are usually in a 3 piece but when performing live they have added band members to help produce their electronic dance tunes that’ll make your arms pump and your feet stamp and possibly a head shake.

If you were around in the 80’s you will most likely remember Depeche Mode and if you weren’t maybe your parents still play them on an evening. The Sunshine Underground are often compared to Depeche modes style. The Sunshine Underground has a distinct Eighties sound, dominated by drum machines & synths.

Technology has obviously advanced through the years of music since the 80’s but a lot of modern bands will take the synth twists and the familiar 80’s backtrack feel. I find that quite a lot of current bands revert to the 80’s for their effects and there is always something quite reminiscent about this. If you were an 80’s kid you’ll probably find a familiarisation with the synths from bobbing about in your baby grow in front of Top Of The Pops.

The newest Sunshine Underground album sounds like a mixture of 1980’s Saturday night dance floor hits and into the more technical era of the 2000’s.The songs are full and padded with different sounds.

I’ve also seen it compared to a mixture of current dance floor hits like Friendly Fires or The Rapture.

The opening to the album is more heavily rooted in dance with pulsing synth blending with a constant mid-tempo drum beat and hints of electronica with lad rock vocals powering through.It sends out positive vibes and makes you want to move.

But I won’t go into detail too much as it’s always better to hear music or experience a band live than to be told what someone else thinks.

Party In The Pines Full Line Up
Party In The Pines Q&A For Ticket Holders


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