6AM License For The Light #Scunthorpe Refused

The new operators of The Light in Scunthorpe town centre are Grimsby Pubs Ltd. The Light closed down in January as it failed to fill it’s over 800 people capacity.

It was re vamped and refurbished but still failed to take over trade from the newest and busiest venue Britannia, which still seems to be sticking as firm favourite for weekend party people especially for the younger population of town goers.

Both North Lincolnshire Council and Humberside Police have objected to The Light opening hours being extended to 6am.

This could see another struggle for the new owners of The Light as most places close at 3am-4am the latest venue open is  Bamboogy scunthorpe who make a killing on the door charging around £4-£6 sometimes to let you in after everywhere else is closed and you are looking for somewhere to go.

What can The Light do to bring in the trade and switch the interest back to the once loved and packed venue? What is is people don’t like about it enough to choose it over the other popular bars?

The live music events that took place in The Light did well, but on a normal club night you were lucky to see above 20 people in there. It is a nice venue and it’s an interesting style and layout. Is there anything you think that could work in The Light or is it past rescue?



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