Henry’s Break Their History

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Henry’s night spot in the town centre used to be one of the most happening places in town, but with recent new venue licenses, falling drink prices and free entry to most other venues Henry’s have asked the public and their regular revelers opinions on how they can improve and what you want to see. The main topic of conversation was to abolish admission charges. The public spoke and Henry’s have listened and for the for the first time in its history to take effect from June 6, Henry’s will be FREE ADMISSION.

The venue has a 1,160-capacity, which is a lot of body space to fill. Henry’s have always been a favourite among-st myself and my friends due to it’s atmosphere and the friendly door banter. I will say one thing I may miss about no door charge and that would be talking to the cashier at the box office moaning about the £3 i’m handing over. 😉 It is a friendly place to be and I would say you rarely see a fight there or any trouble.

Now at the minute most places in town are £1 on selected drinks on a Friday, this means Friday’s have taken over town more so than regular priced Saturday’s, which is understandable. And when your going out with little money knowing how much your drinks are going to cost every bar trip helps so to further delight Henry’s customers all drinks will be standardised to £2, reasonable right?

Henry’s does have some stiff competition but it does have it’s loyal fanbase of returning customers who like myself will usually end up in there to finish off the night. If you have been to Brit on a weekend you will notice that it is usually packed to the rafters with dancing youngsters and the age of the people in there are usually younger below 25’s.

Henry’s will now be open 11pm to 4am on Fridays and Saturdays to be in with a chance of taking back some weekend custom. Like many pubs, clubs and bars Henry’s are finding ways to improve their night time experience, they bring you foam parties, popcorn parties and this Saturday see’s a full indie band line up hosted by Dirty Sterling, which is promised to be a good night even for those who prefer their chart. So give it ago, Go with the flow. (If you know Dirty Sterling you will get that, if you don’t you best turn up and find out.)

Peace Out

Enjoy your weekend



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