Free Family Event // The Awakening

Welcome to The Awakening

Freedom Festival  with support from Welcome Back funding, the Arts Council and the Global Streets network are delighted to be working in partnership with Hull City Council to bring this new event to Hull City Centre.

Celebrating the movement from Winter to Spring, our great city’s maritime identity, heritage, folklore and mythology,  our relationship to the environment,  and as we move from the Pandemic into more normal times, we welcome everyone to join us back in the City Centre on the streets and in our venues to experience a magical and entertaining experience as you explore the City Centre and Old Town into the evening.

The Awakening is totally free and takes place between 18.00-22.00 on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 March 2022.

Bespoke mask designers Wintercroft have created a mask especially for you to wear as you experience The Awakening. Workshops will take place before and during the weekend, or if you prefer you can download your own digital pack to make the masks at home. Create, colour and jazz them up as you like and wear them as we take you around the City Centre.  

Ferens Art Gallery will remain open into the evening to look around their galleries and exhibits and Trinity Market will host live music with Trinity Live Special in association with Sesh.  

Stroll through a Fire Garden in Queen’s Gardens before stopping at the Rose Bowl to marvel at Borealis, a mesmerising installation bringing the experience of the Northern Lights to Hull.

Head down towards Whitefriargate where windows will be lit up by projections of artefacts from Hull’s Maritime Museum. Not forgetting to stop off at Zebedee’s Yard for a dynamic, interactive, fun, multi-sensory, music making installation, Halo.   

In the City Centre join Deblozay (‘chaos’ in Haitian Creole) to be taken on a journey to an unknown destination in the heart of the night alongside Hull’s Freedom Chorus, and meet the Totems, giant silhouettes sneaking without a noise through the street until they come to life and begin to dance. 

Throughout the Old Town you will meet NYX  writing Joanna Walsh’s Maritime Riddles in light emitting powder on the ground or Projector Bikes,  2 mobile electric tricycles ridden by 2 DJ projectionists. Moving onto High Street, Museum Gardens hosts Ship of the Gods and the areas staithes will be home to footage screening from the Yorkshire Film Archives accompanied by The Broken Orchestra curated soundscapes from local musicians including Low HummerWai WanKatie Spencer and The Broken Orchestra .

Dan Acher: Borealis

This mesmerising installation brings the experience of the Northern Lights to cities the world over. Time slows down as eyes look up. An aurora, here and now, in our latitudes? 

Throughout the ages, we have attributed countless legends to the celestial phenomenon. Today we can replicate it. Dan Acher’s BOREALIS is about our ancestral communion with nature and our more recent compulsion to control it. It’s about inspiring shared emotions in the centre of a city by creating something magical – something that shouldn’t naturally be there. 

The installation is supported by music composed by Guillaume Desbois.

Fri 18 Mar, 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Sat 19 Mar, 6:00pm – 10:00pm

The Rose Bowl

This is a FREE event.

Out There Arts: Fire in the Park

Venue: Queen’s Gardens

Date: Friday 18 and Saturday 19 March 

Time: 18.00-22.00

Join us for a magical trail of bright and blazing fire and light as the Queens Gardens are transformed by an array of fiery contraptions, blazing sculptures and illuminated installations created by artists from the UK and abroad.

Pieces include: musical instrument flame throwers created  by fire veterans Paka & Eddie Egal, who have both worked extensively in Europe and the UK for over 25 years;  a series of incredible flame arches and a mesmerizing kinetic Christingle Carousel by UK based Gorilla Circus and an amazing Sonic Fireweed by sound artists and sculptor, Jon Large.

Fire in the Park is brought to you by Out There Arts – National Centre for Outdoor Arts & Circus. Based in Great Yarmouth, UK. Out There Arts are also producers of the  international Out There Festival  and Fire on the Water Experience,

This installation has a limited capacity, so at busy times you may be asked to wait in a queue at the entrance which can be found near the Solar Gate in Queen’s Gardens.  

Daily Schedule

Friday 18 March and Saturday 19 March

15.00 Wintercroft: Fox Den mask making workshops  18 Whitefriargate (finishes at 20.00. On Saturday 19 March the Fox den opens at 13.00)

17.00 Illumaphonium: Halo    Zebedees Yard (finishes at 21.00)     

18.00 Wintercroft: Fox Den mask making workshops.  Ferens Art Gallery (finishes at 20.00) 

18.00  Dan Acher: Borealis  The Rose Bowl (finishes at 22.00)       

18.00 Out There Arts: Fire in the Park   Queens Gardens (finishes at 22.00)     

18.00 Heinrich and Palmer: Ship of the Gods    Museums Quarter Gardens (finishes at 22.00)       

18.00 Arcade: We are Goddesses   Museums Quarter Gardens (finishes at 22.00)        

18.00  Katayoun Dowlatshahi: Scrimshaw Images   Queen Victoria Square (finishes at 22.00)   

18.00  Heinrich and Palmer: Animated Artefacts   Whitefriargate (finishes at 22.00)   

18.00 The Broken Orchestra: RESCORE    High Street (finishes at 22.00)

18.00 Trinity Live Special in association with Sesh Events  Trinity Market (finishes 22.00)

18.00 Ferens Art Gallery   Queen Victoria Square (finishes at 21.30. Last entry 21.15) 

18.00 Joanna Walsh: Riddles – Gijs van Bon; NYX    Whitefriargate/Parliament Street (finishes at 21.00) 

18.00 Maritime Statues    Queen Victoria Square  (finishes at 18.45)

18.15 Sound Intervention: Projector Bikes    City Centre (finishes at 19.15) 

18.30 Compagnie des Quidams: Totems    Queen Victoria Square/Whitefriargate/Trinity Square (finishes at 19.30)

19.15 Maritime Statues    Queen Victoria Square (finishes at 20.00)

19.45 Compagnie des Quidams: Totems    Queen Victoria Square/Whitefriargate/Trinity Square (finishes at 20.30)

20.00 Sound Intervention: Projector Bikes    City Centre (finishes 21.00) 

20.30 Maritime Statues    Queen Victoria Square (finishes at 21.00)

21.00 Rara Woulib: Deblozay    City Centre (finishes at 22.15). This event is free ticketed. Tickets available from Friday 4 March 

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