Twisted Wonderland comes to The Light Nightclub

Twisted Wonderland is a clubland event and will take place at The Light Nightclub in Scunthorpe.

Saturday 16th October


Lets take a trip down the rabbit hole where things get really strange!!
Twisted Wonderland is the newest show from the Untouched stable.

From the first step into the venue you know something is different…. really different… really Twisted.

Greeted by a half rabbit half prisoner on a leash being led by a crazy Alice is just the beginning. The Untouched team will transform the venue into a Twisted Wonderland complete with huge inflatable mushrooms, flowers, lasers and video graphics on the screens.

Then add a stilt walking, Mad Hatter, a fire breathing Queen of Hearts plus a Twisted DJ and the party really gets started. This complete venue transformation creates the perfect scene for a awesome night.

Published by Scunthorpe Nights

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