Scunthorpe Venue Aid 2021

Promoters, venues, bands, photographers and friends of live music. When we can once again support and attend live music, let’s do it! A group and page has been set up to help organize and support live local venues. The hope is that when we are allowed gigs, a weeks worth of live music can beContinue reading “Scunthorpe Venue Aid 2021”

John Shuttleworth’s Back // A Brand New 2020 Tour

John Shuttleworth’s Back A Brand New 2020 Tour As ever – John will begin the show with a song, performed on his amazing Yamaha organ with built-in auto-accompaniment! 

Food Review // The Beckwood

(Please Note: At the time of this review the pub was under the management of  chef-Paddy McIlhenny and his partner Ian Brooke who have now moved on from The Beckwood back to The Mallard.  So this review cannot stand as a true review of the representation of the food that may be served now underContinue reading “Food Review // The Beckwood”


Invite us to your event on Facebook and when we accept it will automatically update to our synced calendar on our website. Add us as a facebook friend and send us event requests. ScunnyNightnday You can now view all events we are sent via the Our Calendar page on our website and also via the homepageContinue reading “OUR CALENDAR//GET YOUR EVENT ON”

THE DEBATE//Scunthorpe Nightlife

QUESTION: WHAT HAPPENED TO SCUNTHORPE NIGHTLIFE IN THE TOWN CENTRE? Social media statuses and comments we have mentioned before. More opinions and debating is ongoing about the topic surrounding Scunthorpe Town Centre night life and live music. Now clearly there isn’t a shortage of events and different type of events keep popping up trying toContinue reading “THE DEBATE//Scunthorpe Nightlife”