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John Shuttleworth’s Back // A Brand New 2020 Tour

John Shuttleworth’s Back

A Brand New 2020 Tour

As ever – John will begin the show with a song, performed on his amazing Yamaha organ with built-in auto-accompaniment! 

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Local pub launches Lincolnshire Brewery Beer

Join the Penny Bank situated on Scunthorpe High Street, tonight (Thursday 22nd Nov) for the launch of the new beers on tap. From Lincolnshire brewery Batemans.

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Food Review // The Beckwood


(Please Note: At the time of this review the pub was under the management of  chef-Paddy McIlhenny and his partner Ian Brooke who have now moved on from The Beckwood back to The Mallard.  So this review cannot stand as a true review of the representation of the food that may be served now under the temp management & new chef.)

As some of you may have seen The Beckwood has now re opened for business and they are on top form with their new menu of freshly cooked food. Thursday Night at The Beckwood on Holme Hall Avenue is now the newly appointed STEAK NIGHT.

The deal is 2 steak meals for £14, which includes a choice of sauce for your steak, I opted for the peppercorn, which was beautifully tasty and creamy and it came in a separate little jug. You also get some very sweet ripe tomatoes on the vine, which taste good but also make the plate pleasing to the eye, 3 beer battered onion rings and some fresh rocket salad on the side. To accompany your steak you also get a large bowl filled to the brim with tasty thick cut chips each. I like how the steak was presented to us on the wooden chopping board. There’s something quite artistic about it.

We asked for the sirloin steak to be cooked medium rare and that is exactly what we got, it was tender and juicy without gristle. The meal was faultless and is by far at the top of of the meals leaderboard with the reviews we have done so far. I don’t know about you but I much prefer a pub with homestyle cooking.  All aspects of the meal were excellent from taste to presentation admittedly we were taken back by the professional presentation of every meal and dessert we were served up, especially for the prices on the menu.

“The Beckwood is a must try place to eat out in  the Scunthorpe area.”

We also took my mother along who decided to try the set menu of 2 courses for £7.95, she went for the Homemade special pie of the day, which was pork with cider and mustard. It came in a rather large round dish with a puffed up pastry topping. The pork was tender and melted in the mouth. It came with the same tasty chunky chips and some seasonal veg of leak, peas, carrots and broccoli.

There was quite a wide selection of puddings and we were pretty full after the main, but they all looked so good so we couldn’t really say no. Between us we ordered the Chocolate Fudge Cake, which was rich and tasty served with a scoop of good quality ice cream. Cheesecake of the day, which was lemon, with soft chunks of shortbread pieces throughout and dashes of lemon curd inside. I personally chose The Beckwood Chocolate Brownie Sundae as I’m not a massive cake or dessert lover but this was just right for me. It had strawberries, cream, little pieces of brownie and some delicious butterscotch pieces in the ice cream, which crunched in your mouth.

Overall Dining experience was also very pleasant, the dining area was in the lounge so there wasn’t people drinking at the bar it was purely for the purpose of eating. The venue itself was clean, tidy and comfortable. The staff were lovely, very polite, helpful and friendly. The service was quick, we didn’t have to wait long for our food to arrive in front of us.

We would really recommend next time you are looking for somewhere with good value for money to eat out that you try The Beckwood, it is a must try for the Scunthorpe Area and we will definately be visiting again.

Have you eaten at The Beckwood, or anywhere else in Scunthorpe that has really impressed you? Why not tell us about it, send us a comment.

Please note: All scores are our own opinions.

Our Rating (Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★★
Hygiene:  ★★★★★
Price & value for money: ★★★★★
Overall Dining experience:  ★★★★★

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THE DEBATE//Scunthorpe Nightlife


Social media statuses and comments we have mentioned before. More opinions and debating is ongoing about the topic surrounding Scunthorpe Town Centre night life and live music.

Now clearly there isn’t a shortage of events and different type of events keep popping up trying to catch it’s audience but why is this still sometimes failing to bring people out of their houses.

Now we encourage your views bad or good to join the debate on why you think Scunthorpe town centre night life has gone from barely being able to move or get a drink to waving at the one person at the other side of the empty room.

There are some brilliant nights and events on in town but what is it that brings you our or keeps you in. Where did all the people go?

What would you like to see more of and what would draw a crowd?

If you are into the indie band & acoustic scene locally you may have noticed less gigs from local bands. Why? Well over play in a small town can become a problem, Lack of crowd attendance and support, Out of town gigs and touring, album/track recording in studios. These are just a few of the possible reasons.

Promoters, venues and acts have been putting efforts into encouraging people to give the town centre another go and not to give up. But without the public support and attendance new nights being introduced cannot succeed.

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Album//World War One Exhibition

The Antique Collectors circle did a fantastic job of putting on an interesting and enjoyable WW1 Exhibition at St Hugh’s on Brumby Corner. The vintage tea party was served in vintage tea pots, a retro mash up of different patterned cups and saucers.

The owners of the exhibition items were very welcoming and friendly, sharing their knowledge of the history in their possession. There were Lovely home baked cakes on offer and a variety of sandwiches. Continue reading Album//World War One Exhibition