Guest Review // Soul & Motown Night Featuring A K at Brumby Hall Social Club

Local DJ John Crowston invited me along to Brumby Hall Social Club on Saturday night. John has recently taken over the venue.

On this particular night I was reviewing the sell out show featuring AK (Andy Kaye) a soul and motown singer from Liverpool.

Andy was making his first ever appearance in Scunthorpe. What was very noticeable was the way the function room was laid out so that you had a clearly definable dancefloor, all seating was arranged around the perimeter of the dancefloor allowing people the space to fully enjoy their dancing.

It didn’t take long until the dancefloor was in use as a few dancers were on dancing to the background music even before John came on and he soon had the dancefloor full.

This remained full all through AK’s first spot, which consisted of classics from the Drifters, Four tops and  Harvey and the Bluenotes, which was just part of his act. These  songs were performed split between AK singing on the stage or singing and dancing on the dancefloor with the dancers.  John’s DJ tunes kept the evening going and the dancers on the dancefloor until it was time for AK to start his final spot.

Here he continued the formula of the first half singing on stage as he treated us to songs like, Do you like Soul Music, Your Loves Lifting me Higher & Soul Train. AK got the dancers and anyone he wanted to join a train of people around the room. For his first appearance in Scunthorpe  AK was very impressive and I don’t think it will be to long before he returns.

The question I leave you with is… This was a sell out show, Is Brumby Hall Social Club going to be one of the top venues for Motown and Soul Nights in Scunthorpe?

Scunthorpe really loves it’s Soul and Motown.

Guest Review by Bill Hazon


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