Food Review // Wortley House Hotel ★★★★

Well, I’ve made the most of the first week of Eat Out To Help out and Wednesday I visited The Wortley House Hotel with my partner for a meal.

You are welcomed upon entry to the Hotel and asked if you would prefer to be seated in the bar area or the restaurant. I did make a reservation so I’d advise if you do plan on visiting, call ahead just to make sure.

The bar area was a little busier and had a more relaxed seating arrangement, it’s less formal than the restaurant so you have a choice as to which you prefer. We decided to go to the restaurant. It was quieter than the bar with background music and only one other couple, but all the tables soon filled up after we had placed our orders and the Wortley seemed a very popular choice with diners last night.

Our drinks were brought to us and the tables were socially distanced. I felt fully at ease with the system and the service. It didn’t feel awkward or difficult and felt quite normal really even with the current rules.

We weren’t waiting long for our orders to be taken and we opted for a starter each. Mussels in tomato, chorizo & smoked paprika sauce with a bread roll and the Creamy Garlic Mushrooms topped with stilton served with a warm bread roll. The portion size for the starters were very generous and the flavour of the sauce the mussels were nested in was very flavourful, I even used a shell to scoop some sauce out after i’d finished the mussels. My partner opted for the Mushrooms, it made me a little jealous as it did look really creamy and delicious and I love stilton. I got a little taste and it was moorish. I’d really recommend either of those starters.

We weren’t waiting long for our plates to be collected and our mains to be served. We were torn on what to order as there was a fair few tempting options on the menu. So I think that will mean we need to visit again to try some more options from the menu.

I went for the Chicken Bacon & Black pudding stack topped with BBQ sauce & cheese, it comes served with fries and buttered corn & dressed salad, It’s a little twist on your classic hunters chicken and I must say I liked the twist. It wasn’t swimming in BBQ sauce, which was good because I find that strong taste masks the flavour of everything else. The dish was served on strange triangular plate which looked good but it did take awhile to get used to maneuvering the food around it lol. The bacon was thick and there was plenty of melted cheese involved. The fries were crisp and the corn on the cob was sweet and juicy. Delicious!

Chicken Bacon & Black pudding stack

My partner probably under estimated the size of the Wortley platter for one person to eat. It was served on a tray with sides which came in handy to keep the mass amount of food on the plate lol. You could choose 3 from 6 different options for your platter so southern fried chicken goujons, cheese and bacon potato shells, stuffed Jalapeno peppers served with 1/2 garlic flatbread, hand cut chips, corn cob, onion rings, creamy coleslaw, baked beans and dips it was. Sounds a lot right? it was! The stuffed Jalapenos were beautiful, with soft cheese oozing out from the middle from the first bite. The chicken was succulent and cooked perfectly, not too hard, not too soft. The potato shells, we expected would be small little filled jacket skins but they were full size potato halves. The star of the plate might have been the thick homemade onion rings. Light and Crispy but soft on the inside. The coleslaw was creamy and the corn on the cob, again very sweet and juicy.

Wortley platter

I’m sorry to say we didn’t manage to finish it all because we were just so full and we definitely didn’t have room for dessert. Which was a real shame because the dessert options sounded good. Maybe next time though!

We were very impressed with the portion sizes, you definitely got your money’s worth and you wouldn’t be going home hungry that’s for sure. All the staff were very polite and friendly even with a busy dinner service they did a very good job at making sure everyone was happy and tended to.

No doubt we will be back again to sample something else from the menu.


Staff & Service: ★★★★

Hygiene & Venue: ★★★★

Value for money with scheme: ★★★★★

Value for money normal price: ★★★★

Quality & Portion size:★★★★★

Overall Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

If you pop in over the next few weeks to try then let us know what you ordered and what you thought.

Find the Wortley on Facebook or visit their website here.

Try to support local, small and independent pubs, cafes, restaurants and venues where you can because these places need your support more than the place that does Big Macs for the world or popular fried chicken. #SupportLocal #ScunthorpeNights


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