Who are the Saviours? Well they are a local 4 Piece Originals Alternative Rock Band. With band members, Jonny Bilton – Guitar/Vocals, Sam Gosiewski – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Alex Staton – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals & Nathanial Weatherall – Drums/Percussion.

You probably won’t have had the pleasure of seeing them perform live yet as they’ve only had one live gig but I hope that when this is all over you will head out, pay a couple of quid and attend a local gig to show your support.

I love original bands, there’s just something quite special about seeing an originals band for the first time. You could discover your new favourite song and become a lifelong fan. In some cases you just never know how far the band will go, but isn’t it great if they start playing bigger venues and you can say “I saw them down my local”.

Interview with the band

How long have you been together as a band and how did it happen?

The band have been together since August 2019 initially starting with covers to gel as a band then onto originals. The band started via the guitarist Sam who has been in various bands with Nathanial, Johnny and Alex over the years. Purely came down to reliability, drive and ambition being shared by each of us that made a good fit.

I know you’re a relatively new band and probably haven’t had the chance to play many venues in the current situation but what is your favourite venue to play in the area & why?

We had only just started gigging but then the virus hit. So it’s just the Lincoln Imp for us at the moment. Each of us have many years gig experience though. Alex previously had a short tour across Europe, Sam has gigged across the UK, the favourite being the o2 academy in Leeds.

Nathanial– As the youngest of the band, I’ve not had nearly as much experience as Sam, Jonny and Alex but I’ve gigged in many places around Lincolnshire, my favourite being a small rock bar in Lincoln, formally known as rock haven! The reason being is it was so intimate and relaxing, the whole place had such a good vibe, leading me and my old college bands to play the best show we ever did!

Who has been the best band to share a stage with so far?

From only having the one show as Saviours so far we would have to say The Kölns from Scunthorpe.

When forming the band, what style of music were you aiming for and who were your biggest influences in finding your sound as a band?

Our individual styles are made up of Rock, pop-punk, grunge, blues and some indie. It ranges from blink 182, Nirvana to Bon Jovi and everything in-between. We have brought all of our influences together and this has infused into our current sound.

What gig(s) are you most looking forward to playing in the future?

We were due to play West Street live in Sheffield and The Station in Hull so we are looking forward to getting these rescheduled.

What do you hope to achieve with your music?

We hope people will be able to relate to our songs both musically and lyrically to make their own interpretation of that for themselves. Our aim is to have a great live show and make sure anyone who sees us live has a great time too with us.


Do you have a favourite song to perform as a band?

We have some tracks we were due to be in the studio recording, which we imagine will be great live. At the moment”For Me” is a stand out live.

Tell us about your latest releases, you’ve got 2 strong tracks out on the streaming platforms, who wrote these and how long did it take to get a final recording?

The lyrics were written by Jonny and the music by all 4 of us as its always a team effort. We are good as a group with constructive criticism so if something doesn’t work, we say and workout something better. We spent a good few Sunday evenings in the practice room getting the structures down and to get from that to final recording would’ve been a couple of months.

To someone who has never seen you, try to describe your music and what to expect at one of your gigs.

They should expect greatness! Raw power and energy! Our style and sound brings something new to the stage and every song we perform tells a story, captivating the audience, leaving them with a real sense of who we are and how great we aim to be!

Our music works around being upbeat whilst still conveying a message to people. You can expect to be singing with us by the end of a song and letting yourself go with the music. We work off the crowd who give us what we need.

Why do you think it’s important for local people to attend local gigs and what would you say to someone who said “I’m not paying for a band I’ve never heard of?” which seems to be somewhat a common theme causing independent music venues to close their doors and struggle.

Every big band you can think of have all played the small pubs, clubs and bars. No one gets to play Wembley overnight. Local people should grab the chance to see great bands at usually no more than a fiver. The amount of work that goes into a band and doing what we do gets expensive but we do it because we love it. Paying for a band you’ve never heard of should be a positive experience. People should be more spontaneous.

Your famous last words?

For everyone reading, we would appreciate them checking out the band on all the major platforms and coming to our gigs once the pandemic is over. It’s sure to be a good time.




The guys have a couple of single releases out now on major platforms, “For Me” & “Baby Don’t Go”. I like both tracks and I can’t decide which one I prefer over the other as they both have clear defining qualities to the composition and lyrics.

The intro to “For Me” takes me back to late 90’s and early 2000’s popular rock scene. The jangly guitar riff, almost reminiscent of an early Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s quite mellow and provides easy listening. For such a new band, Saviours have managed to meld their individual musical talents together and produce some very polished and textured tracks, that show off their technical ability and compatibility as a band on and off stage.

I like “Baby Don’t Go” for the gradual intro easing you in for a rock punch and dramatic tempo change. I think this track might be one of the future crowd pleasers for the band, with such a catchy hook in the chorus and it also leaves room for a bit of head banging and jumping around with it’s melodic musical interludes throughout. I didn’t make it to the band’s first gig but I have witnessed lead vocalist Jonny on numerous occasions and he has a great and powerful voice that draws you in. Definitely a voice to experience live. I’m excited to see what other songs the band have been working on and will continue to follow them on their journey of making original music. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

Don’t forget to give them a like, follow or rack up some listens on Spotify.

Photos courtesy of @ty_raynerphoto. Excellent band photographer so if you’re in need of some shots. Head over the Insta and DM @ty_raynerphoto

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