Show Review: Believe – The Cher Songbook

Friday night we headed to The Baths Hall for Believe- The Cher Songbook. It was the touring shows first trip to Scunthorpe.

I’ve always been a Cher fan since being a young girl, so I couldn’t wait to take a trip through the decades of the pop goddesses.

The night started with a little taster interlude from the full band on stage.

A tribute to Sonny and Cher entered the stage to a round of applause and performed the much loved duo’s hit single, “I got you babe”. The costumes were great. 70’s hippy flares, wigs and all.

As the first half went on, they had packed in numerous Cher hits and covers and impressively, very quick costume changes for the lead. Cher’s decades of style are as iconic as her songs.

The whole production and the cast were very professional and enthusiastic. It is difficult at a seated show to get people into the mood but they managed it. I looked behind me and everyone from the middle rows upwards were on their feet dancing the night away.

The cast member taking the role of Cher did a great job. She sang effortlessly and her voice was strong and powerful. She could definitely fill an auditorium with her voice. I wouldn’t say her tone was exactly like Cher, but I think that would be difficult to be exact with such the uniquely iconic, deep & husky tone that Cher possess, it was still a brilliant tribute and delivered great on and off stage energy.

I really enjoyed the male vocals, he took the role of Sonny at the start and later transformed his talents into meatloaf. What a voice this young man had!

There were too many classics to mention but I think they pretty much got it covered. Obviously every Cher fan loves the popular hits like, “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves”, “Turn Back Time”, “Believe”, Strong Enough”. I especially loved hearing “Heart Of Stone”. I also liked the Cher facts given out in-between songs and learnt a few things I didn’t know.

The second half, people had really got into the swing of things and even the people seated were clapping, swaying and dancing along. As we reached the more current decades of Cher, we hit the Abba medley in homage to her latest cover album which features solely “Mama Mia” Abba tracks.

So really fans didn’t just get Cher, they were treated to a bit of Meatloaf and Abba too.

All in all it was an enjoyable night and everyone in attendance seemed to have a good time. The stage design and lighting was visually appealing and really set the mood throughout the show. The whole band were talented individuals and put on a great performance.

If you missed out, don’t worry there are more dates on the tour but a little further afield. Perhaps the tour will visit Scunthorpe again next year.

Check out the promo video and upcoming tour dates via the shows website here.

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