Review // Leo Sayer @ Baths Hall

Leo Sayer JUST A BOY at 70

Leo celebrates his 70th birthday year with a series of special concerts around the world.

After the Sold Out success of his 2015 & 2017 UK tours, Grammy award winning, international chart-topping, British music legend Leo Sayer is touring the UK, Europe and the USA, and SCUNTHORPE.

Leo, Just a Boy at 70, actually 71, give us an amazing show. he was on stage for nearly 2 hours full of energy and enthusiasm. Starting the first set with “Thunder in my Heart”, “more than I can say”. Leo introduced the band members. Followed by more of his hits, “The Show Must Go On, One Man Band”. And songs from his album Restless Years.

Among his many link-ups with the audience he told the stories behind a couple of his songs including how his former roadie eloped to Gretna Green with his girlfriend, the daughter of the local police chief; and how they became the first people to inadvertently travel along the newly constructed M6 only to be stopped by the long arm of the law in Carlisle.

He named the song Moonlighting.

At one point he asked the audience for requests. Lots of them were due to be played in the second set, but a couple of others, he just sang a couple of verses unaccompanied. One was “Magdalena”, which the audience applauded loudly.

He finished his first set with the love song “how you ever been in love”.

The second set started with two tracks from his latest album “ Selfie” , followed by more hits such as

“Orchard Grove”, “Long Tall Glasses”,You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”, and “Raining In My Heart” which featured a wonderful funky guitar/harmonica duet.

A guess guitarist joined the band on stage to join in the fun.

Then Leo came back on stage for the encore, which featured two songs the Beatles song and of course “Just a Boy”. The audience went wild. Then finished the show with the fabulous song “Can’t stop loving you”.

Photos & Review courtesy of Dave Chennells of DPC Photography.

See all the photos from DPC Photography here.

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